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What do the white awards for Fluther jellies mean, in my case, with the name "Pilgrim" and "Perfecto-fish"?

Asked by luigirovatti (1711points) June 2nd, 2019

I understand, if it’s a secret, by the way.

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Those are the secret awards, which means that we are not allowed to publicly answer this question.

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Would you tell me in a private message? And, anyway, can you tell why are they a secret?

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If you have a guess, you can send me a PM. I’ll tell you if you’re right. The reason they are secret is just for a little bit of fun.

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By the way, there are little clues in the hover text over the awards.

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What’s the fun if only the moderators know about it and you can’t share it?

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(1) Lots of people have figured out what the secret awards are for. It’s not something that only the moderators know.

(2) The fun is figuring it out for yourself.

(3) The only rule is to not share the answer publicly. If someone else wants to give you the answer by PM, they are free to do so. I choose not to because I think there is value in figuring it out for oneself. Others may feel differently, and that is up to them.

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