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What is your ONE favorite dessert of all time?

Asked by Harper1234 (545points) 2 months ago

Mine would be birthday cake…I love getting the corner piece!

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Progress Cake from Notteā€™s Bon Ton Bakery in Vancouver, B.C..

It’s the one in the upper-left in this picture – covered in hard chocolate, it has alternating layers inside of light creamy and crunchy yumminess in a wonderful unique mix of flavors (They describe it as “Not really a diplomat cake has three layers a sponge cake, three layers of puff dough with buttercream in between every single one. The meringue is not chocolate nor plain but it is a secret recipe.”).

If you have Facebook, another pic:

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Raspberry Ripple ice cream

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My mother used to make an almond torte. It was what I always asked for on my birthday.

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Anything my sister makes. Honestly. Her best are her brownies and chocolate chip cookies.
She makes a mean pumpkin cheesecake pie.

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Baklava. I would give up a lot for this one perfect dessert.

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Fruit crumble and custard

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Ice cream with choc sauce on top

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I like pie.

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^^ Kyle, is that you?

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@janbb Nope! I’m the old Rarebear.

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^^ I know, I was referencing Twin Peaks.

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@janbb Ah. I never saw it.

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Cake if it has cream cheese frosting, I suppose. I don’t care for marshmallow frosting.

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I have never heard of marshmallow frosting.

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You’re kidding ! LOL ! Could I have the wrong name? Most any frosting with no cream cheese is just that. Senility tells me I have the right word.

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As far as I know, frosting is made with powdered sugar and butter.

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There is a kind made w Marsh mallow too.

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Yes; all three are used.

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Cherry tart is up near the top. Butter cream wedding cake is near the top too. Lemon square is good, and I had some with my meal today.

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Butter cream wedding cake would be #1 for me!

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Boysenberry pie.

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Some years ago, there was a Quality Checked dairy in town. For a short time they had a ice cream flavor that was called “Death by Chocolate.”
It was TO DIE for!

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Lemon meringue pie.

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I make an ice cream pie.
Oreo crust, vanilla ice cream center, melted chocolate chip top.
My favorite that I don’t make is Death By Chocolate.

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If it’s made a certain way (the way my grandmother made it), then Strawberry Shortcake.

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