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What exactly happens when you get cremated?

Asked by Harper1234 (811points) June 3rd, 2019

Do you get cremated with your clothes on or off?
Do they grind the bones that do not cremate?
Do they clean out the place where the cremation happens so you do not end up with a little of someones ashes?
What do they do with the ashes if they are never picked up?
Anything else you know about it.

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Had my dad cremated but I’ll be honest…I don’t know many of your answers. I suspect the clothes were off since the body was not shown and we were not asked for clothes for him. The ashes we got had a few small pieces of bone in it, but not sure if they were ground up or not. Bone will burn eventually, if it is hot enough. I would imagine there is a chance you are getting a small amount of others’ ashes…does it really matter? Ashes not picked up I imagine are tossed out. I know there is the option of having them dispose of the ashes or giving them to survivors.

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@anniereborn phew, thanks for that eye opener. Interesting bit of harsh reality since topics like that tend to be brushed under the carpet!

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I wonder what the workers who run the cremation operation do with gold crowns and silver fillings. I’ve got 4 gold crowns. Who would know if they yanked the gold crowns (behind closed doors) from all the bodies and over time build up a large amount of gold.

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