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What’s to be garnered from the fact that the US navy is required to hide its ship (the John McCain) from the stable genius?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21861points) June 4th, 2019 from iPhone

I mean can you believe it? The PRESIDENT can’t risk LOOKING at one of his warships.

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You understand @stanleybmanly The ship was named for John McCain ‘s father, the Admiral John S, McCain, Sr..

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My comment: Some idiot at the Commander or Admiral level gave the OK. That person’s head should roll.

What an incredibly dumbass decision to make.

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Yeah and Trump said he appreciated that they did that.

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@chyna Supports “Dumb-ass” !

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There are so many things that The Donald does that are hard to believe, unimaginable, shocking, disgusting. This is just one of them. I always say I can’t understand why his supporters still think he’s the best.

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@jca2 His supporters love seeing him stuff things in the face of normal and well mannered people and maybe a couple of liberal people too. ;>0

Sometimes I think they don’t know any better. :>(

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@chyna & @elbanditoroso I’m sure the Navy was pressured by some Trump appointee to cover the ship up and hide it. Any line officer suggesting such nonsense would find the rest of his career a joke.

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@stanleybmanly then the line officer should have kicked it up a level. The dumbass has made the Navy look really bad as a result of this.

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The US Navy is there for the entire country and the president should be there for the entire country too rather than indulging in personal squabbles. Worst president ever.

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