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Is comparing yourself to yourself a bad thing?

Asked by raum (7267points) June 11th, 2019 from iPhone

Everyone knows that not much good comes from comparing yourself to other people.

But what about comparing your present self to past versions of yourself?

If you’ve achieved it before, should it be within the realm of possibility to achieve again? (Aside from being younger.)

Should we push ourselves to be the best version of ourselves? Or is the best version the one that accepts us for who we are at the moment?

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I think that it’s a healthy part of introspection. History is important. Not just for the world around us, but for our own lives.

At minimum, people should look back, and assess their times in life, when they feel they were in the wrong.

As far as striving to be the best you can be, that depends on the person…

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I mustn’t. It makes me cry.

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Yes. It is the core of most of my troubles. It might also be the core of my strengths.

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It is the only restraint on a marked contempt for the stupidity of people. It is also the only possible explanation for any sense of compassion remaining with me.

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Better to compare oneself to yourself then another.
At least as one grows with experience they are rich indeed!
It is healthier to compare yourself at different stages of life, but of course we can’t be younger, etc
Given an overall comparison, one generally realizes that with all they have come through they have survived and learned and that is better than $.

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Everyone is saying comparing yourself to yourself is a good thing. But what if you do that and realize you of the present is worse than you of the past? Will that have the same effect as comparing to other people?

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^I would think that the same goal is in mind, regardless of whether you feel like you are better, or worse than the “past” you.
If you are better than the past you, you should try to determine what exactly led to your being better. And continue.

If you are worse than the past you, you should try to determine exactly what led to your being worse. And attempt to get back to what made you better.

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@Mimishu1995 But you are better . You have come through pain and suffering and survived.
Bad situations/circumstances afford one the strength needed to surmount adversity and even getting through that is still an advantage.

Once one learns that yes they can get through adversity and become stronger for it, they have inner confidence that will serve them later in life.

Courage to go on, is learned once one has fallen and had that courage to get up, and thus survive whatever comes after knowing that one has done so before.

The tragedy is if one does not get up, and so painful situations continues until they do.

Oftentimes its a learning experience to be felt and perhaps later the person will be strong enough to help others as this often opens doors on lifetime careers..think Mental Health advocate,Charity organizers , Nurses, Doctors, and so on .

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