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Which is more you, your first name or your last name?

Asked by Jeruba (52071points) 1 week ago

Do you tie your sense of self to a name? If so, which name? Was it one your parents gave you, or one you chose for yourself, or acquired some other way? Maybe a nickname?

If you’ve changed your name, such as by marriage, how did that affect you? Was there any shift in your sense of identity?

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Neither describes my personality.

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@ragingloli, you were probably named before anyone knew your personality or could describe it. But does your sich, if I may say it that way, have a name? Is it a name anyone knows but you?

Does “ragingloli” describe your personality?

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My first and my middle. But I rarely introduce myself with the two together. Just my first name.

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I use to relate to my last name (which is Irish) more than my first name. But no longer after I did a DNA test. I’m 86% German, 10% American Indian and 4% Asian.

My first name is Lon. What can I think about that besides I’m one of the “one’s” (Jon, Don, Ron, Shon). I never liked it. Especially when people call me Lonnie. My older Sister and some of my in-laws still call me “Lonnieboy”. After 70 years it doesn’t bug me much anymore.

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My first name, or to be exact, my first nickname. It’s well known but a little quirky – definitely not a common one like John or Charles, but something a little more distinctive.

My last name is utilitarian – it has to be there, but it doesn’t suggest anything about my personality.

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Doesn’t matter to me, one way or another. I don’t care what people call me, just call me when dinner is ready. I only get annoyed about my name when people call me Tom, or Jim. The name is Tim, T I M! Thank you kindly. LOL

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That’s funny about the nicknames. I have a nickname the kids younger than me call me, but I hate it when anyone else tries it.

I think my first and middle sounds a lot prettier when said together, but I wouldn’t want anyone trying to come up with nicknames for it. They can be annoying

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That’s hard to say. My first name was chosen for me, a particular individual, while my surname just followed automatically from the act of being born. My first name is very common while my surname is very unusual and can be traced back to a very particular geographical area. My first name I associate with my mother and was more important to me when I was young, now my surname, which comes from my father, is becoming more significant especially since I began looking into my family history.

My first name is like the flower or the leaves of a plant while my surname is its roots.

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My middle name, which is the prefix of my username.

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First name is what I use when I’m talking to people. The last name is really only brought out when it is for something official….ordering products or services, formal documents, etc.

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My first name, because I chose it.

My parents gave me an unpleasant, outdated name at birth. I spent my childhood being abused by other kids for having an ugly, “old lady” name, and my high school years were a nonstop stream of teasing. I can recall grown adults hearing my name and saying what a shame that a pretty girl had such an awful name. By young adulthood, I literally cringed every time I had to say or hear it.

As soon as I was legally able to make the choice, I changed my name to something I love. It was the best thing I’ve ever done, and I couldn’t be happier.

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Different versions for different situations.

My full first name works well professionally.

An abbreviated version of my last name works well casually for folks who know me well, including my wife.

Both fit my personality well under those circumstances.

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^^^ Glad to hear your wife knows you well!

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@Love_my_doggie, you make me very curious. Something like Millicent, Agatha, Winifred? Am I close?

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^^^ You’re in the right vein, except the name was worse than any of the ones you’ve mentioned.

My best friend, since we were teenagers, is named Winifred! But, she’s always gone by Freddie, which suits her very well.

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My first name is more me.

My current last name is my married name, and so that name describes to me my husband and I as a unit. When people ask about my name I usually reply, “it’s my husband’s name.” It has more to do with the name being from a completely different part of the world than my family is from. Their interest in the name usually is regarding where it comes from, or where my family is from.

My maiden name is me when I was younger. I still use it when I talk to people who would likely only know me by that name. It’s still part of me. It better identifies where my family came from before coming to the US

I kept my middle name and dropped my maiden name when I got married mostly because my mom wanted my middle name to be my first name. She didn’t get to name my sister her first choice either.

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