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Will you be joining Jordan Peterson's free-speech-centric social media platform "Thinkspot"?

Asked by Demosthenes (12782points) June 13th, 2019

Details in article:

Peterson touts the site as an alternative to sites like Facebook and Patreon, that content will not be removed unless a U.S. court orders it.

Are sites like these a solution to the pervasive censorship on traditional social media platforms?

(I expect a lot of one-word “no” answers, but I’d like more of a discussion, if possible).

Also, this is my 100th question. Yay Demosthenes!

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Even when I don’t agree with what people have to say I still believe that they have the right to say it…It also means that I have the right to NOT believe it!!! At this point, I doubt that I’ll be jumping on the “Thinkspot” train; but as a female, it’s my prerogative to change my mind. I have an open mind, so I’ll probably pop in once they are past the Beta version & are actually up & online. Then I will decide for sure whether or not I’ll be joining in!!!

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I am willing to bet that there will be censorship, just in the other direction.
I have seen it before.
Stormfront, Sodahead, various right wing subreddits, including r/freespeech.

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I won’t, because it says nothing about holding people accountable for their speech.

Without having to face people for your statements, it just becomes a troll and hate speech haven.

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@ragingloli That’s what I’m wondering as well. Is this just going to be a right-wing echo chamber that will feature the usual censorship, just in the other direction? I hope that isn’t how it turns out, because I am curious to join. I haven’t been “censored” on FB or any other social media, so I don’t have a chip on my shoulder, but the idea of the site sounds good on paper.

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It’s going to be an echo chamber. People talking to themselves. They will never have enough diversity of opinion to make any sort of rational progress.

Sounds a nice opportunity for all the conservatives to masturbate together.

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@elbanditoroso Isn’t that what Fluther is, though, just for liberals? :)

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Hate speech is not protected. I have no intention of opening myself up to more hate than I already see online. I will not participate.

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I never took Peterson as alt-right, just a moderate bullshit caller outer.

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You mean *moderate bullshitter. Like Ben Shapiro.

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Well, I was going to join, but then I read this comment from Mr Peterson: “Even if you’re being a troll, you’ll be a quasi-witty troll.”

He totally stole that idea from me. I’ve always requested in hostile forums that if people are going to be mean, they should also be funny. If only I had a nickel for every idea that’s been stolen from me * cough * Al Gore * cough *.

Anyway, Mr Peterson has a challenge ahead that’s orders of magnitude harder than his free-speech policy: user privacy issues. Facebook has been around for ages, and they have a lot of money for attorneys and highly skilled security engineers, but they’ve struggled to get it right—with dubious success—for a long, long time.

I’ve heard that usually, the fastest way to make a small fortune is to start with a large fortune. I hope Thinkspot works out for him, and more importantly, I hope it turns out to be a net positive in the world.

Peace and luck

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I think he underestimates the magnitude and viciousness of the trolls that will descend on this. If he wants ad revenue this will bring it though.

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I agree with @elbanditoroso . The site will probably be tilted toward conservatism, and I agree with you that Fluther tilts towards the left, which is fine with me, as long as we have at least a few people on the right to present alternative views.

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Since it’s a “subscription” I’d say it’ll be just that. I’ll take back my last comment too. A pay site won’t be so troll infested. I like Jordan Peterson, I may lurk on his new platform but it will be unlikely that I’ll join. I don’t like echo chambers.

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