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Why is it better to reverse into a spot when you parallel park?

Asked by raum (9816points) June 20th, 2019 from iPhone

It seems to be easier to maneuver when you are reversing into a parking spot.

Why is that?

Does it have something to do with the car? Or does it have to do with how we visually process things?

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It’s because of where the turning wheels are on the car. It’s much easier to get the turning wheels to go sideways in a short space, than it is to get the fixed wheels to go towards the curb. By backing into the spot, you get the fixed wheels as close to the curb as they need to be, and then you can relatively easily get the front wheels near the curb because the front wheels can turn towards the curb without turning the whole car towards the curb,

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Because if you turn the front end of your car into a spot, your rear is still hanging out in the road and you can’t move the rear of your car over.

You have to steer the rear of your car in from reverse, and you can only steer from the front.

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You’re also facing out when you leave rather than backing into . . people . . .traffic . . . fire engines.

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Better? Is there another way, unless can be not so parallel ?

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To simplify it all, the front wheels can steer the back wheels. The opposite is impossible.

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It’s easier to get your rear axle up next to the curb that way.

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Back in the early 1990s while in Japan I had an Isuzu Gemini with 4 wheel steering. Below some speed (30 kph? 40 kph?) the rear wheels turned in the opposite direction as the the front.
Above that speed they turned in the same direction.
It was great! I could park in very tight spaces.

Apparently it was not a very popular option.

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If you go forward into the spot, once you get close, the front wheels bump against the sidewalk, interfering with your ability to make adjustments.

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And there is the ticket you can get for having parking too far from the curb , I don’t know if it has to be both front and back wheels or what though.

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…for having parked too far…

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In Idaho you can’t be more than 18” from the curb, if that helps.

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I guess if you have enough space between the car in front and the one behind it can be done I just saw that.

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Of course. If there is enough space, you can just drive into it, But that would require more than two car lengths. It would still be difficult to straighten up so that the rear of your car is parallel.

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I thought it wouldn’t be poosible without backing up ( my 1st post) And then the next day or something I saw someone doing perfectly parallel, and not too far from the curb without any effort. I thought there would a little bit of an angle, but no. I don’t know how many car lengths there was in front and back.

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