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What is your opinion about those who post a fundraiser for their birthday on Facebook?

Asked by Stache (4934points) June 24th, 2019

If you aren’t aware of this because you don’t use Facebook, there has been an option for the past two years or so that lets you choose a fundraiser for your birthday. There’s a template and you add the charity of your choice.

This is an example: For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to ACLU. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal. I’ve included information about ACLU below.

This is all automated. There’s nothing personal about it other than your choice of charity.

Thoughts? I’m not sharing my opinion because I don’t want it to influence answers.

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I understand the altruistic impulse but even though I use FB to connect with people, something about using FaceBook to raise money irks me. I feel this way about GoFundMe posts on FB too. It’s not that I doubt the poster’s sincerity, it’s just that it seems another way for FB to mine our data for their own gain. If it is a cause I believe in, I prefer to to go to that cause’s page and donate or send a check.

My reaction is in no way a criticism of those who do use these posts; it’s just my personal feeling.

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An easy way for stingy people to virtue signal and self-back-pat, without having to do too much themselves, while almost all of the money comes from somewhere else.
It is only one step above the “for every 100€ purchase, we donate 1€ to charity X!” semi-scams.

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I don’t want Zuckerberg to know what charities I support, or how much I’m willing to donate. He will certainly use that information against me.

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Not a fan of any online fundraisers, go fund me’s, etc…

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If it’s someone I know well, and I support their cause, I usually just tell them that I already support it. I never do any online support anyway, so I just scroll by.

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I believe FB takes a cut, which I don’t like.

I feel that if I weren’t giving this person a gift, I am not donating money for the charity of their choice. I’ll either give someone a gift or not give them a gift.

I give to charities directly or I do Amazon Smile.

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I mentally wish them the best and otherwise skip it.

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I skip them completely. People I am close to will get a gift or card from me personally, and I would never give to a charity on their behalf. Other people I am not going to give a gift to anyway, so why “gift” them a donation to their charity?

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I don’t do FB because I’ve NEVER trusted Zuckerberg!!! IF he’s offering it, it’s because he’s making something off of it!!!

I’ve only ever been tempted to give to a couple of GoFundMe accounts & each turned out to be a scam, so I’ve started just passing them by now without slowing down!!!

When it comes to giving to charities, I donate direct to the ones I support & I give gifts direct to the friends I support. IF you feel the need to ask me, there’s a good chance you’re NOT on my gift list…plus my Momma taught me it’s rtude to ask for gifts no matter who you are or why you think you deserve it!!!

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Nothing wrong with making money @LadyMarissa.

It’s fine, if that’s what they want to do.

I simply made my birthday private so it won’t show on my birthday and so I don’t have to worry about it.

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Hmm, I don’t know. It still feels wrong.

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I don’t mind people making money; however, when they decide to sell MY soul, I get offended!!!

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You are in charge of your own soul @LadyMarissa.

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That’s why I don’t allow Facebook to sell it!!!

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That’s fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What’s with all the exclamation points?

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Sry. I just got super duper super excited.

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