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People of mixed descent, e.g. white+native, white+black, etc. What percentage of that is the result of rape?

Asked by ragingloli (46436points) June 30th, 2019

Meaning, your white ancestor raped your non-white ancestor, and were in a slaver-slave, or conqueror-prisoner relationship.
I would imagine that number to be non-trivial.

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How would anyone know if it was?

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Would you describe yourself as a happy person loli? How many generations back do you suppose you might need to reach to find this phenomena in vogue?

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100% of people alive today are here because of a rape somewhere along the line. It doesn’t matter what color you are.

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@ragingloli Your German ancestors, as well as mine were probably raped by neanderthals.

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@ragingloli First, I agree with @janbb that the number is unknowable. It would be utter guesswork.

Second, my guess is that it is a very small (but non-zero) number.In the roundest of numbers, maybe one half of one percent.

How far back do you want to go? I imagine that the numbers are somewhat higher pre-1900. And I think that the part of the world would make a big difference.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me now that is so racist! Neanderthals were maybe pretty hot I think and they probably didn’t rape any more or less than modern males do. Rape is wierd.

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In America, if you are referring to descendants of slaves, the answer would be close to 100% because people of color did not have the power (socially or legally) to consent/not consent to sexual activity. Due to power dynamics and lack of legal protection alone, the number from that time period would be very high.

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Michelle Obama’s great-great-great (?) grandparents were slaves. Tests show that she shares the genes of the former owner through her G, G, G, grandma. I read an article about it and it showed a picture of her at a family reunion with the white descendants of that owner.
NOW you’ll claim her. See how ya are?

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@Dutchess_lll it’s hard to know what happened back in those times but neanderthals were at least twice as strong as humans if not more. Even human males were probably no match for neanderthal females. Odds are if there was rape it was neanderthal-human.

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Not sure exactly what strength has to do with anything unless you’re talking about male on male rape.
The male is almost always stronger than the female and that’s why rape happens so often and why so many women are defenseless. I’m sure the human males then did their fair share of raping, like they always have.
There may have also been some voluntary cross breeding. We women do like our men strong!

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I’m saying it would be hard for a human to rape a neanderthal so if that happened then it was likely the other way around. Could also be that casual encounter in the wilderness to help fight off those cooold ice age nights.

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Well, however, it is my understanding is folks with European ancestory have Neanderthal DNA coursing through us.

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