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How do you know if your food has Glycophate in it?

Asked by flo (12171points) 2 weeks ago

Glyphosate, or Roundup, is in some of the food items, like cereal. So, how do you know which has which doesn’t?
Does this website have fact based, and updated info? and if not which site does? It’s from October 2018. Which webpage does have the most uptodate info.

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That would be best and latest, as an aside the GOP and Trump are reducing funding for the FDA, EPA and USDA. This maybe the last one for a while.

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I don’t know if the article mentions cereals etc. containing Glyphosate or not if not it can’t be upto date.

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…By the way, the spelling is different Glycophate and Glyphosate, they seem to be English vs french spellings.

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Dose makes the poison, so you should look up the max allowable concentration, then compare with the concentration in your food. If the amount in your food is a thousand times lower than the allowable amount then you don’t have to worry about it.

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@RocketGuy“so you should look up the max allowable concentration, then compare with the concentration in your food“_ But where does it say in the ingredient list that it has x amount of

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You said it was in those food items. The source should say how much.

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-Should is one thing, but which food item“s label says it has Glysophate?
-I didn’t say it is in those food items, the orgs including FDA (which I posted the link for) are.

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@flo if the Glysophate is below Federal standards it won’t be listed.

Just like they don’t list insect parts, rodent droppings and hair on the ingredients!

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