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Am I pregnant? Or should I bother getting an actual test?

Asked by Thatlady93 (8points) June 30th, 2019

I did the homemade bleach prego test and it resulted in frothy foamy results. Before when I’ve taken it, and not been pregnant it just bubbled. Never did this before.

I just want to know if it is reliable and if I should actually go get a test or not.

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Please stop by your local pharmacy and buy a test. Doing so shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars.

First, the homemade bleach test isn’t accurate. Second, urine contains ammonia, which creates toxic fumes when mixed with bleach. That might be your “frothy foamy results”—a hazardous concoction.

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If in doubt, check it out; properly. Get a test! Then you’ll know FOR SURE!

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If you had sex between 20 and 8 days BEFORE your expected period and you didn’t get your period on time, it’s very possible you are. There is no homemade test that works, go buy a real pregnancy test at the drug store if you missed your period. If you are irregular and you had sex then you can’t rely on what day of the month you had sex at all to give you an idea how much risk you took.

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You can get pregnancy tests at the dollar store or in bulk on Amazon. Split the purchase with some friends. Please follow the advice above and do not urinate into bleach any more.

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