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I lied about my age and name in a server I mostly use on Discord. Should I tell the truth or not?

Asked by mikasi (7points) July 5th, 2019

I use Discord on a daily basis, but there’s only one server which I mostly use. I joined two years ago and I’ve gotten closer to many people there, but I’ve lied about my age and name only. Should I tell them the truth or not?

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Honesty is always the best policy but some things are better left unsaid.
Will your lie hurt someone in some way? Then you should tell the truth.
But, if the lie is something as unimportant as saying “the sky is green,” you could live with it.

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Why do you need to reveal your name and age in the first place?

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How far off is your age? One year is no big deal. Ten or twenty years, that’s a real problem.

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Do they have a minimum or max age limit for that site?
It looks like a gaming site, so is the age factor a big deal there,if you are winning against children then yeah it’s a problem.
But if it is just a bit so you can be accepted then don’t worry about it.

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Just keep lying. No one on Discord need to know your age and name.

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It’s not a gaming site, per se, but more like a chat site that tends to be focused around gaming.

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