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How do you pronounce "LUT" (the acronym for "lookup table")?

Asked by ragingloli (46438points) July 6th, 2019

Of course, I mean “you” in the general sense, not you personally, because why would I?

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“loot” (like a pile of money)

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Like “mall”.

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Like “slut” but without pronouncing the “S”

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LUT, as in PUTT. The only way it it could be pronounced like “LOOT” is if the U was followed by an E. Like the difference between CUT and CUTE.

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I agree with “LUT” as in slut, putt, butt, cut, gut, hut, mutt, nut, rut.

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If it were in a Statistical Look Up Table then it would probably be pronounced a z-score.

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After further consideration, I would probably say it as @zenvelo pointed out.

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