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How do you tell the difference between a backslash and a forwardslash?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16370points) July 8th, 2019

/ \ which Is which? What other confusing things can you list? Like when do you use a star * and a train track (pound) #?

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Think of it this way: we read left to right. Which slash is leaning forward (left to right) and which is leaning back (right to left)?

/ = forward
\ = back

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/ forward slash because it leans forward.
\ backward slash because it leans backward.

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This is what I think makes it easy to remember, hopefully it helps.

The symbol you use all the time, and grew up using, like for fractions ¾, ¼, and so on is the forward slash. That’s all you have to remember about that.

Also, forward slash when I was growing up was simply slash. So, it’s really slash and backslash in my opinion. “Back” to me is like opposite. Opposite direction of the slash.

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Can’t contribute much else.

Handwriting is the sane way. People’s handwriting typically leans forward, as in italics, or is reserved and leans backward. Forward leaning handwriting leans the direction of a forward slash, or fractions as @JLeslie points out. Forward handwriting is atypical of enthusiastic, zealous, outgoing people.

Backslash is reserved, back-leaning handwriting. and atypical of people who are shy and hold back.

Excellent question. I think people with learning disabilities, like I have, who sometimes wrote things backward in their earliest school years, have more difficulty making the distinction, as I often do.

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Didn’t you ask this before? This is most likely what I answered previously.

Moving left to right, think of slashes as staircases. Forward slash, ”/”, is an up staircase and backslash, ”\”, is a down staircase.

Forward slash up staircase.

Backward slash down staircase

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Of course, you could go up or down a staircase from either side…

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But in only one way to travel from left to right.

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The forward slash”/” leans to the right. While the back slash ”\” leans to the left.

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