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Would you smoke a cigar once out of curiosity?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25177points) July 8th, 2019

Never met anybody, no friend or family who smoked one of those big fat cigars in front of me and just seen them mostly in movies. Probably The Godfather as one of those films. Heard that the best ones are from Cuba and that they are expensive?

Just curious how expensive and what could they taste like compared to cigarettes? Lately, I’ve been passing by this cigar store on the way home and the idea of trying it just once is getting more interesting.

Ever smoked cigars? Info, tips, anecdotes, advise and cautionary tales welcome. Thanks!

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I am not a smoker, but as a kid(young teenager) I have tried cigarettes, and hated it,as a young adult was given a cigar a co-worker had a kid type thing and tried that as well I can tell you the cigar tasted a lot better than the cigarette.
I still don’t smoke but that was my experience with cigars.

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Only if it was composed of Maui Wowee or Pineapple Skunk. ;-)

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In the 1960’s I smoked a few “Gordo” 4 or 5 inches long and almost an inch in diameter.
I haven’t smoked since November1987.

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I’ve tried it and it tasted much better than cigarettes. I still don’t smoke though.

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One of the best cigars I ever smoked was a mild green one, about 8” long, ½” in diameter, and had a cedar sleeve that you lit first then lit the cigar with so as to not get any lighter fumes or sulfur (match) fumes to taint the flavor of the cigar itself.

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No, not at all. Why would I want to smell of cigar?

Although I just watched a movie about Winston Churchill – he sure smoked a lot of them.

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Nope…NOT even mildly interested!!! Cigars stink to high heaven, so I don’t see me even considering trying one of them.

I used to work for a guy who gave a box of Cubans to his favorite customers every Christmas. They all seemed to be impressed. Of course, back then, it was illegal to bring them into the country & receiving a box made them feel just a little bit naughty & somewhat special!!!

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No. I find second hand smoke bad enough. I prefer clean air to breathe.

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In my life I’ve probably smoked less than a dozen cigarettes, but more cigars. I didn’t like them, and they didn’t agree with me, but they were wonderful timing props for when you want a funny comment to be just right.

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I have done. I was raised by cigarette smoking parents, but never smoked on a regular basis. I was drunk and did it for fun. It tasted better than cigs.

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When I was 8, my friend and I stole one of her dad’s cigars and smoked it.
We threw up.

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