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Do you have fiber optics?

Asked by kritiper (18936points) July 10th, 2019

The telephone company is now installing fiber optic cables in our neighborhood. But with smart mobile phones and such, what is it good for? If you have it, what is it hooked up to?

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No. AT&T put the fiber down on the main street, but never brought it down my street to the house.

It’s supposed to be better and much faster than regular cable connections for internet.

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Fiber optics is for data transmission by hard wired computers. Giga fiber optic internet.
Don’t have fiber optics to my home.

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No, I don’t do any business with AT&T & they are the ones laying the fiber optic cables. Anyone I know who did sign up for it had cancelled in less than a year.

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Which corporation is your “telephone” company?

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You’re getting fiber to the prem? I am jealous!
Faster internet, including streaming high def video.
The future applications are enormous. You’re lucky!

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Of course & the correct spelling is fibre.

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He’s lucky to live in a place where public utilities are COMPELLED to serve the public.

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The fibre (chiefly a British variation of fiber) optics are being laid in by Century Link.

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inside the castle it’s spelled fibre…outside, in the real world of the USA it’s spelled fiber.

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@LadyMarissa Thanks for clearing that up.

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