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What is the alternative to flying, if you want to heal the environment? See detail.

Asked by flo (12901points) July 11th, 2019

I mean outside vacation spot choices, what is the organization saying to do to go overseas, in order to help the environment?

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The alternative to flying for me would be not seeing my grandchildren.

But for this movement, I think they are encouraging people to vacation near home.

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Heal the environment by stopping all the dirty coal fired and dirty oil fired manufacturing facilities in China and okayed by Trump in the USA.

That is a bigger impact to clean air.

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Heal the environment? Start by setting a good example: DON’T HAVE CHILDREN!

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Virtual Reality. Upload your mind to the internet.

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@ragingloli You mean we haven’t already?

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Take a staycation instead of a world trip.

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Some options, as may fit your situation:

Take a train.

Take fewer more extended trips rather than many short ones.

Explore places that are closer to you.

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Did they make the solar plane more feasible yet?

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The alternative to flying is wooden ships. Are we ready for that?

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They want you to trade in your carbon footprint for a new footprint.

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How about people who fly for work?

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They can walk.

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Take a boat with no engine over seas? like a canoe. Canoe all the way to Japan

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The Vikings did it!

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There is this whacky sci-fi concept out there. You may have heard of it.
They call it a “sail”.

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Yes but Canoes are more fun.

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A catamaran is a canoe with a sail.

They were used a lot for whale hunting.

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