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Can/should "snowflakes" be only white (and liberal)?

Asked by janbb (62917points) July 11th, 2019

As asked.

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Um…well…no. however liberals seem to have a compassion that is seriously lacking in conservatives.
Color doesnt matter at all.

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Snowflakes refer to those on college campuses that are offended by differing views, and need “safe spaces” on college campuses because they cannot take alternate views.

It is really scary that on college campuses, which used to be places of free speech, free thought, and a plethora of ideas, that “safe spaces” are needed. But it really is happening, nationwide.

It has nothing to do with a person’s race, but the idea that they think they are better than the organic matter the rest of us are.

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That term has an interesting history.

But it’s current use – as @Yellowdog describes – is another interesting one. It’s one of those terms that conservatives preemptively hurled at so-called liberals. Conservatives do this, and often their attempts are successful.

So, in the case of snowflake, you have fragile conservatives who cannot handle change, and needing things to be a very specific way. They have had systemic safe spaces and fear losing them. This fear and transparent fragility is humiliating when they pick up the “snowflake” label and hurl it at those that are able to withstand change and the erosion of certain protections. It’s the ultimate case of call your opponent something before they can, so the framing of an issue is one that you control.

To answer your question – I reject the term and don’t use it. To do so is to engage in the most absurd game of political language play. The fragility of conservatives and white supremacists in their need to be protected and shielded from reality is so apparent and sad, to throw the term back at them would be foolish. The framing is all wrong. They are fragile and are demanding special treatment and protections. But there is nothing we can or should do to reach out to these vile creatures. They won’t be convinced with witty wordplay or hypocrisy “gotchas”.

I also don’t think decent people should engage with this “snowflake” narrative. I’m not even a liberal, and I’ve been called a “snowflake” a ton. It’s something to be ignored or owned. Snow and snowflakes kick ass, and someone wants to refer to my ability to weather change as something as beautiful as a snowflake, then so be it.

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Well we liberals took possession of the attempt to insult us and embraced it. I think it’s something to be proud of.

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Well, from the penguin perspective, white and cold, but with a delicate lacy texture. ;-)

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I think the examples of unreasoning meltdowns pretty much reside totally in the liberal world. There doesn’t seem to be a law or even a good reason for this other than mental instability.

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@seawulf575 Mermaids much?

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The only snowflakes I have ever encountered have been exclusively on the right.

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Lordy, Little Penguin, am I the only one who saw the joke, here?

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“I think the examples of unreasoning meltdowns pretty much reside totally in the liberal world.”
– That would seem to be because the idea was created inside anti-“liberal” bubbles. I don’t know what you’re talking about except when you start telling us what you heard inside one of those.

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I got the joke.

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Now I know for sure that I love you @janbb.

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@Stache Meet you by the woodshed for some nookie?

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^^ I’m trying to.

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Hell, in my lifetime, snowflake is one of the nicer insults hurled at me; so, I don’t get upset. Some people just need to grow up!!!

Good one @janbb

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It’s certainly not relegated to one side. Those of us in the middle more easily see “snowflakery” on both sides. Liberals get more attention for it, but say something negative about a conservative’s lifestyle (religious beliefs, patriotism) and he’ll moan and bitch like any liberal college student. :P

Ultimately it’s pointless because everyone is offended by something. So calling someone out for being offended is just setting yourself up for hypocrisy when someone says something that offends you.

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Snowflakes (and non-snowflakes) can be any color in between. They don’t have to be, and aren’t, all white or all the other.

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All the snowflakes I am aware of are right wingers who get bent out of shape (actually, get butt-hurt) over every perceived little political “error” made by a Liberal.

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