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What age would you have retired if you didn’t have to worry about healthcare costs?

Asked by JLeslie (61561points) July 13th, 2019 from iPhone

Is it a different age than when you actually retired or planned to retire?

If you live in a country with socialized medicine please still feel free to tell us what age you retired or plan to retire and if you are happy with the decision and any details you want to add.

For this exercise, social security and pensions are all still the same. Your college and kids college still have the same costs. Your savings and retirement planning stay the same.

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*laughs in universal healthcare

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I’ll never be able to retire.

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When I retire, my health insurance will be free.

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It’s not about healthcare costs as much as it is about money. I’ll get the maximum I can get if I retire and take SS at age 70. I hope to afford Medicare part B at that time. (Which is about $140 per month at age 65 right now, July 2019.)

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@jca2 Don’t you have to reach a certain age to retire though and get that benefit?

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@JLeslie: Yes. A certain age or time with the employer.

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@jca2 Would you retire earlier if there was socialized healthcare available to all citizens, and it had nothing to do with your employer.

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I don’t know if I could afford it without the pension so although I wish I could, with socialized medicine, I couldn’t.

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@jca2 We wouldn’t now (my husband and I) but we would before 65 when Medicare kicks in I think.

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My husband plans to retire at 65. We have a pension and medicare will kick in by then, but he can also go to veterans affair for medical and we can also still go to any naval hospital as a retiree and dependent. So for us, it’s really not an issue. As for kids college, my daughter is almost done paying it and my son is slowly paying as he goes.

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