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Do you generally spend a lot on food and household stuff?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) July 13th, 2019

Does most of your income go towards food or something else?

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I have to admit I do. More than I should really…

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Probably about $600 a month. More than we need to spend on that for sure but we usually host cookouts and get togethers at least once a month this time of year.

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I need a definition on “a lot”. I’m constantly pissed and alarmed that I can’t seem to adjust to inflated food prices. We ordered Chinese food Thursday night for the 2 of us—forty bucks with the tip. At 5 this morning, I went to my favorite breakfast cafe (the wife left last night for a wedding). New menus!! Bacon 2 eggs 2 pancakes crowded on the same plate ( the new waitress doesn’t realize it’s one of my pet peeves) now 15 bucks with the tip. Ground chuck at the Safeway beyond 10 bucks a pound. Hey, but the Haagen Dazs bars are on sale at 1.99 a box of 3 IF you buy 3 boxes (a one time offer). I’ve vowed now to watch my money & try to cook exclusively at home. Time to make dining or ordering out REALLY special.

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I don’t spend much on “stuff”; maybe $25 a month on books and music, and maybe $100 a month over the course of the year on clothing.

My biggest expenses are rent and utilities.

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Not that much. But I’m living here alone and I don’t but much. I don’t have expensive tastes.

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I am guessing we spend about $35 dollars a day on food. It sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.

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Yes. Food prices are alarming.

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After bills, yeah — food (groceries and eat/take out) is our number one expense by far.

It is upsetting month after month and we vow to do better, but we love to cook and we love good food.

Then, I end up justifying it by saying, “We don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, and rarely go out. We have no costly hobbies and wear inexpensive clothes.”

What’s the point of living if you can’t have ONE enjoyable vice?

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My mortgage, utilities, property taxes, house maintenance fees (HOA, lawn, etc) and home insurance add up to just under $2k a month barring any unexpected house fix.

Food, including groceries and restaurants, is $700 I think.

Car insurance, gas, lease, and miscellaneous expenses like clothing or cosmetics are about $1k on average. Most months it’s about $700, but some months it’s well over $1k, it depends.

We buy very little clothing, cosmetics, or knickknacks.

That’s for two people, my husband and I.

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No, mortage payment is more. Food maybe 200–400 depending.

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@cookieman ΕΧΑCTLY my justification! Plus the fact that everything is so expensive. Still feel guilty though!

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@ZEPHYRA: Me too, but I assume (in my case) that’s due to growing up Italian/Catholic. Guilt is a way of life.

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@cookieman and @ZEPHYRA What is so expensive if you aren’t eating out much? Do you buy everything organic and meats like Lamb and Lobster that are very costly?

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I believe that food prices are a reflection of the society overall. Like housing costs, but not quite as pronounced (yet). Things are approaching a state where previously routine foods demand the circumspection previously reserved for luxury items. There is one aspect of this discussion that I wonder about frequently, and that is the part that warehouse places such as costco play in our perception of food prices. For example, when I’m in the supermarket for things like milk or eggs, I recoil in horror at the prices on the shelves for products I routinely pick up (usually in bulk) at Costco.

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I spend between $40–80 a week on groceries.

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Rick spends WAY more on food than I ever would.

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Only about 90% of my monthly living expenses. 10% on entertainment and leisure.

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