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I need help with Itunes?

Asked by brice0825 (36points) August 26th, 2008

Somthing went wrong with my itunes download. For some reason i was downloadin “the Alamo” and it was taking a long time so i left it on over night. When i woke up my comp. had went stand by or watever and when i turned it on and it said it was done but when i synced it . it would not play on my iphone. It says “Movie cannot be played.” There is aparently no way to redownload and i dont know wat else to try . Any help?

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If the item did not register as “complete” to Apple’s servers, there is a chance that if you navigate to (menu item) Store>Check for Purchases… , you may have some luck at a re-download. Check that first.

Otherwise, I would call the iTs support line and see if you can explain to them what happened in the hopes of receiving credit or a forced re-download of some kind.

If they won’t help you, you may end up just having to re-purchase. My condolences if it comes to that.

This is also a good opportunity to file a bug report

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Well check for purchases didnt work . i cant decide if its the download or the movie or wat that did it. It acts like its fully downloaded but it wont even start to play on my phone. its very annoying .

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Is this to suggest that it plays on your computer?

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well the wierd thing about that is no video does from itunes… for some reason it has a green screen with the audio in the background. yet most of the videos work on my phone. so idk wat that means

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How old is your computer?

A spec would be nice…

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its not old its an Hp dv2000 i think its prob doing this because i dont hav somthing downloaded

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Be sure that your Quicktime is up to date.

If not that, (back up library first) uninstall iTunes. Then uninstall Quicktime. Follow up with a re-install of iTunes (will also install Quicktime).

Also be sure that you have the latest video card drivers.

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i think it is i just cant figure out wats wrong with the video . I mean i payed 9 bucks for it . i would like it to work

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You said that no video played: “well the wierd thing about that is no video does [plays] from itunes”

This says to me that the problem is bigger than just your newly acquired copy of The Alamo.

I suspected that something corrupted the download accidentally as the machine went to standby. When you said that no video worked, I thought that the problem at hand is now 2-fold: replacing your download with a fresh copy (this time, uninterrupted by system standby), and fixing video on your machine.

I would still recommend contacting the support line for the iTs, and working out a way to secure a re-download on the grounds of a botched first.

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k ill try that tom. when they are open i guess

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@brice0825 – You could try clicking on advanced , then click on convert selection for ipod/iphone in iTunes..

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iTunes has been very good to me when I’ve downloaded music that hasn’t worked properly. It’s happened 2 or 3 times in the last few years and they just added a credit to my iTunes account. I recommend contacting them and giving a short description of the problem in addition to figuring out what’s wrong with all the videos on your computer.

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The green screen suggested an outdated codec. Reinstall Quicktime.

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There are two things you need to do to make the video work:

Like iJimmy said you need to update your codecs.
-Update both iTunes and Quicktime
Next thing, not all video’s in Itunes automaticly play on your iPod/iPhone.
– Simply select the video, at this stage try if it plays on your computer. If it does;
– select the video and rightclick, then choose convert to iPod. (it can take a while)

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