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What positive things are republicans known for?

Asked by nayeight (3353points) August 26th, 2008

Both my parents are democrats and I know what they usually promise the american people. The usual “positive” things are: the economy, jobs, healthcare, education, the environment, and the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Republicans and others usually criticize democrats on raising taxes, spending too much money on government programs, and other religious bullshit that they think everyone should value. Those are a few of the negatives for democrats. Besides giving the rich tax breaks and being characterized by the media as greedy bastards what negative things are republicans known for? And most importantly, what positive issues are they known for supporting? I can’t think of any besides the opposite of the democrats (lowering taxes) but that can’t really be looked at as positive.

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As a left-wing idealist I’d say that Republicans are sometimes effective at minimizing ‘big government’, that is limiting unnecessary legislation and government interference. Especially in economic matters. It rarely seems to work in practice though…

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Warning: Opinion of a knee jerk liberal ahead!!!

Republicans can spin better than a set of steel belted radials! Oh wait, you asked for positive things. Never mind.

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Self destruction.

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well that all depends on your perspective of whats good. But they did abolosh slavery. so thats cool. But aside from that, not much. Unless you have lots of money.

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I’m still scratching my head over this one.

As a now converted “conspiracy theorist,” I have to believe there’s a catch in there somewhere.

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@kevbo, that’s where they hide the bodies, the airliners, and anything else incriminating.

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What movie was that with the satellite images and the underwater graveyard?

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I think there was an episode of The Unit with that in it.

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So is that it? Really? Then why the hell do people vote for them?

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Because they think it will end abortion.

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Republicans are (were) traditionally the party of smaller government. This is seen as a good thing by many who believe that government interference in private matters is largely (or always) a bad thing. They believe that individuals are perfectly capable of running their own lives, and social programs are merely the beginnings of a “nanny state” mentality, with government as the provider and protector. Republicans see this as contrary to the original intent of the Nation’s founders.

The problem is that while most Republicans still hold these beliefs, their party has lost its way. While lowering taxes is one of the basic tenets of Republican ideals, it only works when used in conjunction with the others—cutting spending, fiscal responsibility, etc. Otherwise, the deficit grows and the only way to cover the shortfall is by printing more money, which increases inflation. Today’s Republican Party leadership does what is expedient to get elected, then is faced with the problems their decisions create (this isn’t a trait possessed exclusively by the GOP, btw).

The alternative for millions of Republicans, however, is worse. While most Democrats will claim that Republicans only vote Republican in hopes of repealing Roe, the truth (as is often the case) is not so black and white. Most Republicans view the willingness of Democrats to throw their money at problems which then never get solved a pretty important issue. At least Republicans tell them what they want to hear, never mind follow through. Democrats tell them that government is the only hope, that government is the answer to all society’s ills. The typical Conservative doesn’t believe this, and therefore, the idea of voting for someone like Obama or Hillary doesn’t sit well.

So, long answer short (too late, I know), Republicans are known for promoting individual dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility; equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all; free enterprise and individual initiative; fiscal responsibility and lower taxes; ensuring that the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least; that the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people. Taken from the GOP website

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Ohh… thanks poser, that was very helpful.

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Republicans = equal rights? Today? Hmmm.

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I am really trying to not get pissed off right now….so if this ends up being a rant I apologize….but this has been building up for awhile.
1. Im not going to make a fucking list for you, I’m not your history teacher, read up on that shit, wikipedia it if you need to.
2. I am a republican, I support McCain, deal with it. Stop trying to convert republicans into democrats, every political question on fluther turns into a attack on anyone who dares answer with republican views. that’s why I won’t make a list, Im sick of being attacked for answering a political question honestly
3. Don’t assume that just because someone has different views than you, they must be retarded, I hope that all voters are inteligent enough to actually learn about other political parties, before they go out and vote the same as their parents, friends or relatives. Do some research, check different sources, have a mind of your own!

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@cheeb: I honestly don’t think republicans are retarded or eeevil, in fact, I’m married to one. There are some things that the republican party stands for that I can get behind, like smaller government, less government control/interference, fiscal responsibility…but I really don’t see that happening with our contemporary republican leaders/candidates. I’m really not a total dem or rep, as I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Given that I have to choose from these two parties, I come down on the socially liberal side, because, in my view, people are more important than money. I can see why you’d feel “ganged up” on…the collective is generally a pretty liberal leaning group. I’m sorry if I’ve contributed to that.

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Republicans EXCEL at:

Assassinating Democrat Presidents in Motorcades
Illegal wiretaps
Keeping the Electoral College
Florida Voter Fraud

August 27, 2008, 1:54 AM EDT

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As I’ve always said, Repulicans exhale an excessive amount of carbon dioxide which plants need to flourish.

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@ cheeb, wow! You definitely do sound mean and pissed off in your answer. I guess I could have wikipedia’d the republican party and read several paragraphs of boring bullshit and I just might do that today, but I wanted the opinion of people on fluther. I have a mind of my own and really would dread the thought of you being my history teacher. I wasn’t expecting you to make a “fucking list” for me. If you wanted to share what you like about your party that would have been great, in fact I wish there were more republicans on the site to answer what they like about their party. I don’t think it’s fair for people to attack you for being a republican, and I’m very sorry and it’s sad that is your reason for not answering my question.

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To be honest, I think most americans agree with the republicans when it comes to less goverment invovlement and lower taxes. But it is the social issues that republicans seem to miss the mark on. Also, republicans seem to cater to the big corporations more than the blue collared workers in the trenches. I think if either party could adopt a smaller goverment idea that doesnt turn the country into a socialist goverment, but still reaches out to the middle class and be liberal on social issues, it be a home run.

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Smaller government is the polar opposite of socialism.

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You just have no idea what a self destructive leftist government can do in a country…. :s

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@flame—Are you talking to me? If so I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at. If not, I’m still not sure I understand what you’re getting at. Republicans are considered right, not left.

I actually wish we had a self-destructive government in our country, right or left. Instead, we have the opposite—a self-regenerating, ever-expanding government.

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I’m with Poser…maybe if we had a self-destructive government, we could start over and make it better. The two party system, along with the electoral college has us pretty well hamstrung.

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The problem isn’t that our government is self-destructive. It’s us-destructive.

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I know republicans are right, why do you want to flip sides, is a bad idea just a thought
There are issues pending, everything will be fine by the end of the year…

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What makes you think I’ve flipped sides? I’m registered as a Republican, but only because I had to in order to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. I’m as much opposed to the Republican party as I am to the Democratic party. The problem, as I see it, is that neither party is as interested in fixing what’s wrong with this country as they are about getting elected/gaining more power.

Por ejemplo: Both candidates are talking about ways to lower gas prices. McCain wants to drill more, Obama has talked about a gas tax break. Both of these ideas are simply to garner votes. Neither will solve the problem. They will, at best, delay the problem, and at worst, make it worse. They are ignoring the simple economic principles of supply and demand. The higher prices go, the more pressure there will be to develop alternatives. Eventually gas prices will be too high for people to afford, and then there will be no other option but to come up with other options. Keep the prices low, and demand stays high, and no alternatives are actively pursued.

This is the history of the two parties. Expediency over effectiveness. That is why my generation is inheriting trillions of dollars of medicare and social security problems that were incurred two generations ago. Politicians over the last fifty years have known a storm was on the horizon, but have been unwilling to forgo popularity to solve the problems. That is why the baby boomers are going to cause the biggest depression in history when they start retiring. Because the two major parties are more interested in today than tomorrow. They are like a couple of children squabbling over trifles while the ship goes down.

Fuck ‘em, I say.

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I don’t like politics at all, they keep ruining people’s lives i agree with you, somehow

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Great answer…..

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The republicans are good mediocre at preventing an 80+% tax bracket, resisting complete gun prohibition, and opposing communization of the petroleum industry.

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@Jack: Well Bill Clinton did a pretty BANG up job in the office. No pun intended.

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The Senate and House Republicans are real good at saying, NO!

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