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Could a Fedex or UPS employee decide not to deliver a package because they might object to something inside it?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26289points) 2 months ago

Easy example: Let’s say I placed an order for several dozen condoms. The box is not in a protective carton, so the contents are visible. The delivery person is a devout Catholic and is completely against birth control. Can he or she decline to deliver my package?

Harder example: A hospital is shipping a pig’s heart using Fedex or UPS to a medical center for experimentation. It’s wrapped and on ice. It’s labelled as biological material. An Orthodox Jew drives for UPS. Can he decline to handle the box that holds the pig’s heart?

To what degree do the religious views of the handler allow that person to decline to do their job?

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They could, but I doubt that they’d list it for religious reasons. Delivery drivers are given an out by marking the package as undeliverable due to no safe location, or no access to property, or many other reasons why they couldn’t leave it. Many years back I was a dispatcher for a small package delivery service & we frequently delivered packages after hours that the driver had marked as undeliverable for various reasons. One of those packages was marked as unable to locate address. All our drivers were out & wouldn’t be available in the time frame requested so I volunteered to deliver it on my way home. When I turned onto the street, I was concerned as to how I would find the house that the delivery driver couldn’t find. Shortly after I started laughing because there was only ONE house on that street & I had absolutely NO problem finding it & had it delivered within less than 5 minutes of turning onto the street.

I have one specific UPS driver who frequently marks my packages as no access to property because he’s afraid of my dogs although I have a special parcel locker located where the dogs can’t get to him. I’ve reported him to his supervisor numerous times & each time I’m told that the service will be improving.

IF the drivers have some personal business to do, they will just not deliver & mark each one as no access to property or one of the other reasons so they can get off work early. In most of these cases, the packages are delivered the next day.

I’ve not heard of any driver refusing to deliver for religious prejudices; however, I can see how it could happen!!!

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A few weeks ago, one of them refused to deliver a package, because it had a Huawei mobile phone in it.

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Actually, the driver didn’t refuse to deliver. It was the company that refused to have their driver deliver it. FedEx thought they were following trump’s orders & are caught in the middle.

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No. The driver gets really good pay to deliver packages. They don’t get paid to judge packages based on what they MIGHT have in them.

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@kritiper – OK, I’ll buy that. Then why can pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions for abortion pills?

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Explains why what is in a package is not evident from the wrapping.

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@elbanditoroso I don’t know how that exactly correlates, but the pharmacists know what’s in the package. Not that that explains anything either…
I guess some people just gotta play “God”...

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I know of a case where a visiting rival sports team had its delivery “accidentally” run over by the local delivery person’s truck. So “could” they? ... Yes.

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Well the guy in the movie Seven might have had strong objections had he known.

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Ha ha. You are assuming they have the time to read what is inside. They can barely get the address right. But I would think that if Fed Ex was delivering anything biological that it would be handled by a small group of people who only do that. And it would probably be done with same day service. Same day service cost a couple of hundred bucks. Someone will deliver it.

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No. He is paid to deliver, not judge.

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I begin working for one of these companies tomorrow. Shall I ask during orientation? ;)

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I guess if the driver had to actually handle the pig heart (not a box or a bag) and the driver was a Muslim, you might have a case. Most boxes/bags/mailers are very anonymous. You can’t see what is inside and they aren’t labeled with the contents. Even a pig heart would be listed as “medical” or “biological” and wouldn’t specify what it was.

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