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What would you sacrifice for $10 Million?

Asked by mikey_ca (285points) May 20th, 2010

How far would you go to receive $10 Million?

A couple scenarios for you:

1. Would you loose two fingers of your choice?

2. Would you drink 2 cups of toilet water in a public washroom, that contains poop in it? No throwing up either, it has to go through your digestive sysem!

3. Would you trade your significant other? Ouch.

4. Would you spend 2 years locked in a pitch black room (6 ft x 6ft), eating only bread and water with zero communication. You will have a toilet though.

I’m curious to see the stats for this :)

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I’d eat an entire meatloaf….or dance THE LAMBADA!the forbidden dance ;)

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Money is just money. I’ve had millions and lost millions. No big whoop.

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@dpworkin: Do you still have a couple million? Because I have a great business idea that needs to get it’s foot off the ground?

Sounds like money doesn’t mean much to you, so I hope you wouldn’t mind taking a risk with some of it!!


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If someone were missing two fingers, how much money would that person pay to have his/her hands restored? If your significant other dies, who much would you pay if you could have him/her back again? If you were confined to a pitch black room for two years—with nothing but bread, water, and a toilet—what would you pay to avoid insanity and start living your life again?

In other words, no.

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I have no money now, only debts. I’m not any less happy than when I was vacationing in St Croix.

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@dpworkin You must be one humble man lol.

If I simply had to pick one, I would drink the crappy water.

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@Primobabe: Well, if I had $50 Million, maybe I would pay $10M to have my fingers back, but if my fortune was only $10 million, I don’t think so.

I still get your point though.

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@Blackberry: Would you reject the other 3 scenarios? Imagine you were only offered the 1st, 3rd, or 4th option.

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@mikey_ca If there were no second option, then I would not do any of them at all.

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I would run with the carabou naked during their anual mosquito mollestation (mosquitos love me) so that to me would be worse than any of those scenarios.

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Is this before or after taxes? ;)

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Since I have what I consider “enough” money to live on, ther is very little I would sacrifice unless you want about 20 pounds of ugly fat?

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I would slow dance, nude, with @AstroChuck and @Blondesjon at the same time.

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@meagan: Before taxes, so you really get about $2 million….LOL

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@mikey_ca Hmm.. I’d give up a child for two million, I suppose. I’m not sure I’d drink shit water, though.

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@cprevite I don’t think that would be a sacrifice for you; I think you’d enjoy it. :-)

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@janbb: Truth be told, that’s pretty much what a Friday night looks like for me now. ’;^)

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I would watch @cprevite (from the privacy of my darkened cell, with bread over my eyes, and provided the water that I get to drink doesn’t come from anyone’s toilet).

Otherwise, I’d be happy to sacrifice two of your fingers, or even more if that was required. (You did say “fingers of my choice).

I’d do more for Euros; contact me for price breaks, quantity discounts and frequent-buyer plans.

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For 5 million I’ll sacrifice my time to make the creamed spinach filled meatloaf that @lucillelucillelucille can eat.

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How loose do the fingers need to be?

ucme's avatar

Almost anything other than my libido of course,that precious commodity is absolutely priceless.

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I’d sacrifice a virgin.

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I’d give a finger or two. No poop water, thanks. But I might be persuaded to feast on the armpit secretion of a sumo wrestler.

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Loose enough to fall off.

You Smart(donkey)...LOL…good one!
And i cant seem to find where to edit the damn thing.
Now everyone knows I’m a damn FOOL, guess my secret is out and I gotta go find another website to make people think Im smart, up until they find out the truth.

Please don’t judge all Canadians by my illiteracy.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I didn’t realize you were Canadian and I apologize for critiquing the Canadian spelling of lose. Kind of like aboot and eh. Just go easier on the Sabres.

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I’d sit for a body waxing complete with a Brazillian. Pay up!

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1. yes
2. yes
3. no
4. no

Basically, I would do anything that would not ruin my happiness or mental wellbeing after I received the money.

….are these some offers?

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I would give up my diabetes in a heartbeat in exchange for 10 million dollars.

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for ten mill, I’d don a polka dot bikini and go down to the pool and dance on a table.

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@Cruiser hell, I’d wax a Brazilian. (To paraphrase the line attributed to W, when he was told that “a Brazilian” was killed in a battle in the Iraq War, “How many is a Brazilian, anyway?”)

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I would give up two of my fingers for ten million, only if it was in a medical enviroment.

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hmm. I’m actually trying to figure out how I would use the 10 million…

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NO#4 yes Id do that..Im a loner anyway wouldn’t bother me. CAN I HAVE MY COMPUTER?

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