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Other than raccoons what likes to go through garbage, if not well secured?

Asked by flo (12924points) July 17th, 2019

Also, what’s the term for those animals?

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Dumpster divers.

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Cats, opossums, and rats,

I never understood how something as picky and fastidious as a cat, even when well fed, likes to go dumpster diving,

Dogs, too—but its less accessible for them,

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@flutherother Ok, I was thinking the garbage in front of your home not out there in the open.

@Yellowdog I never see dogs and cats. See my response to @flutherother

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Cats Love Dumpsters. That would make a bumper sticker,

Seagulls and all of the above will go through a garbage bin,

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I got a squirrel that treats my barrel like a weekly buffet.

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Crows, magpies, in addition to those others mentioned above.

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Flies (I had other answers but then noticed they were taken).

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Seagull as go after home garbage when accessible,you betcha!
Mice, cougars which are cats but I’m assuming aforementioned cats to have been the domestic variety. All sorts of canines, fox, coyotes, wolves.

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Crows attracted our garbage when shrimp shells were in them.

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People looking to steal your identity.

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The CIA possibly?

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@flutherother seagulls

Dogs, cats, possums, poor starving people, people who aren’t poor or starving but who see things like brand new bed mattresses still in the plastic in a dumpster and feel morally obligated to take the shit home.

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@Yellowdog…re fastidious cats. It’s a spoiled first world construct to not go into the “trash” to dig out perfectly edible food. The cats don’t know we think it’s gross.
My cat also drinks out of the baby pool even when it has green slime on it.
I once saw a box full of specialty donuts in a dumpster behind a Daylight Donut shop. That dumpster was emptied every day so those were pretty fresh, and well covered donuts.

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I don’t think cats would CARE if they knew we thought it was gross.

They’d just give us a momentary glance and just go on and do it.

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Of course they would. You just seemed to find their behavior odd and it’s not.

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Its that odd behavior that makes them so adorable.

Their socialization with each other is particularly interesting to me. Some cats can live indoors, in complete solitude except for their person and be perfectly contented never seeing another of their kind. Some will snuggle with other cats, others will fight. I’m sure there are rules to this. But its this sort of quirkiness that makes them fascinating.

There is a cat colony somewhere near me—some of the cats that I live near are accepted by the colony and others aren’t. Some cats will come in pairs with others tagging along behind, others will be driven off by other cats.

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I just never saw live or on real videos of cats and dogs going through garbage.

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I don’t think people put video cameras up to guard their trash…

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To tell you how weird cat behavior is—

I once gave a rose to a girl, and her cat jumped up on the table and started eating the leaves, almost with a kind of desperation, like, its what she wanted all her life and she finally got it, Because it was funny, we let her eat the whole thing—leaving only the stem and a couple of fallen petals.

We couldn’t impress the cat the same way by bringing in handsful of leaves or grass, and the cat never showed much interest in eating the vegetation outside except occasional grass,

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Cats are funny! You notice there are far more cat videos than dog videos.

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In my neighborhood, bears.

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Cows, dogs, and monkeys as far as I can remember. Garbage-rummaging is mostly a result of unchecked and/or extensive urbanization. Animals are forced to adopt other, newer means to secure food, and waste cans are great sites for this purpose.

One may not find cows doing this in North America or Europe. Nonetheless, I’ve seen cows rummaging through dustbins in India. I’m aware this may sound like a stereotype, but it is true.

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What would a herbivore be looking for in the trash?

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Why would a herbivore be any different that a carnivore when it comes to looking for food scraps in the garbage?

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Because the trash is more likely to contain meat and bones and old hot dogs than lettuce.

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Why? My trash has lettuce ends, the ends of carrots, fruit peels, the tops of strawberries, rinds of melon, apple cores, zucchini ends, the list goes on and on. May Indians are vegetarians, so most of their trash is veggies, unless they are putting it down the disposal in the sink.

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