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What precaution do I need to know when changing an IMAP account to POP3 in Outlook 2007?

Asked by levresrose (3points) August 26th, 2008

concerning the possible duplicate emails. How to prevent it when changing from IMAP to POP3

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I haven’t used POP3 in years now. Why do you want to change? Do you want to remove the messages off the server?

I don’t think you can change an account from one type to another, you’re going to end up setting up a different MAPI profile for the POP3. You should probably download the messages into a different set of of folders. That would prevent duplicate messages.

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The reason was because the software Toltec Connector that handles the shared calendar does not work well with IMAP – it recommends to use POP3 – I already have the accounts on IMAP that want to share the calendar – I need to transfer these accounts to POP to comply with the software.. Any precautions, any known issues in doing that?

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Back up your .pst file. That is where all of contacts, mail, calendar are stored. I have no clue were to find it. Just do a search.

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Sorry I didn’t write back yesterday.

You can’t really convert, you’ll have to delete your old account set up and make a new one. You’ll end up with duplicates just like you thought if you don’t delete the old stuff first.

Back up your .pst file as justin suggested, you can find out where the pst file is from Microsoft.

Then, you can either delete all the messages out of the folders in that pst file, or just make a new MAPI profile. I’d probably recommend the latter. There are instructions to help you remove and create a new profile.

If you’ve got contacts, calendar entries, notes, or tasks, you can copy those from your backed up data file into your new one by using the Open Outlook Data File option from the File->Open menu, just navigate to the backup copy of the .pst file you saved.

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