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Did princess Jasmine sell out?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) July 20th, 2019

From the cartoon years ago princess Jasmine kept refusing suitors for being hauty. Including Aladdin. Untill he showed her the flying carpet. Then she came around. Did she sell out? What if another real prince had the money to buy a flying carpet? Would she have married him instead? Humor welcome.

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I had a guy hit on me at a bar once, trying to seduce me with his fancy flying carpet. I just found him weird to be honest. Besides, I have a fear of flying and a flying carpet seems like the single most unsafe method of travelling available all categories. Jasmine must be stupid.

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I have to watch the film again. Been meaning to but the massive Mouse corporation does not make it available for renting in Amazon. Forcing people to buy a Blu-Ray or DVD. Bad mouse, bad!

Off the top of my head I’m guessing it’s not just the flying carpet (which is an effective attention getter btw) that attracted Jasmine towards Alladin.

A woman who comes to me on a magical flying carpet will definitely score major points from the get go. And if she can also make the carpet to self-clean, perfect!

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Aladdin had made a positive influence on Jasmine when they met in the streets of Agraba. She suspected something when Prince Ali asked to go for a ride and what he said was similar, or the same, as something Aladdin said on the street. So when she said “yes” to the ride, she suspected the “prince” might be Aladdin. No one else could have pulled it off to her scrutiny.

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