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Are you very emotional and cry easily over silly things?

Asked by Harper1234 (811points) July 23rd, 2019

I am a very emotional person and I get embarrassed sometimes over things I tear up at. My husband is a serious staunch person and I can’t imagine in the back of his mind what he really thinks when I cry or tear up over something so simple as a stellar sunset. On the other hand I cannot believe he doesn’t tear up at things to me you should tear up over. I tear up over singing hymns at church and rainbows and people being kind to others and my dog licking my nose when i am having a bad day and friends who are going through tough times. Anyone else admit to being like this? Is this normal?

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I am and I readily admit it. That said, once I’m hurt or my trust is broken, you will never regain my open spirit.

More than likely you’re an empath. Many of the traits listed in my link, are spot on for me.

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Hmm. I was going to answer yes, but I’m not very emotional about real life. I respond to life intellectually, mostly, and I am only emotional over serious events or issues that effect me and those people I love.

However, I will cry like a baby and get extremely emotional in regards to fiction. I will cry happy tears and tears of sorrow over even the slightest evocative story lines. My wife just usually smiles and shakes her head.

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No. I used to cry easier than I do now, but I can honestly say the last time I cried was in 2005 at when we took Mom to the Pacific Northwest to put her in a home, and I knew I’d never see her again.

Oh wait..I just saw another version of this question. I cried in 2016.

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I think the framing of the question contains very common and problematic ideas about strong emotions and expressing them.

Expressing strong emotions is healthy and natural. Suppressing them is toxic. Shaming them is even more toxic.

There is no correct amount of justification before an emotion is valid. Emotions just are, and the thing to do with them is express them fully.

The way you express emotions may want some consideration, because there can be problematic ideas about them that can lead to unfortunate behavior. For example, outbursts that get directed at people in negative ways, rather than just expressing the emotion itself. But crying is fine.

Ideas that emotions need to have justifications and that expressing emotion without enough justification is silly, bad, embarrassing or abnormal, is a common toxic social problem.

Judging people by their conformity to notions of “normality” or not is another too-common toxic shaming pattern.

But yes, it’s normal and healthy.

However, I would say with some confidence that one reason you may be having more emotional reactions than you might expect would be that you live with people (including yourself) who have toxic shaming ideas about expressing emotion, which causes you to repress emotions, so that when you do have an emotion, it’s stronger because you have so many unexpressed emotions because of those toxic shame patterns causing you both to repress emotions, and to have emotions because you’re being repressed, judged and shamed by those ideas.

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No. There are pills for that.

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“I am a rock. I am an island.”

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Like at parades,hearing the big ship’s horn which vibrates in you chest? No. Why do you ask? ROFL

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Even stoicism makes me cry.

Always watch out for crocodiles when swimming in the Crimea River.

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O Gawd! I just got that @Pinguidchance! I have been in de Nile for 2 days.

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