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I sleep better during day than night. What could be the reason?

Asked by siddesh (17points) August 27th, 2008
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Maybe you’re more of a night-person. I don’t feel like I sleep better over day, but I do prefer night over day.

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One of the first things to read about would probably be Circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythm is the natural rhythm that is found in most living things. In humans, this rhythm is controlled primarily by a couple different factors that that article touches on.

Most likely your natural clock is just set a bit differently because of past habits. Your internal clock, for instance, could shift slightly over time as you tend to change the times when you typically go to sleep or wake up.

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Maybe you should just move a couple of time zones over. Then you would sleep better at night assuming you were still tired at the same time of day.

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You’re probably an adventurer, like I am. These people are sick and tired of common-day duties, and rather sleep them over until they can finally feel ‘free’, in other words, during nighttime, when the rest of society sleeps and you’re not being bothered by phone calls from opinion research companies, banks, social insurance offices, et. al.

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night owl enjoy the quiet of the night, moonlight, less people.

Vampire maybe?

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i sleep better in the day as well. i like sleeping when other ppl are out and about. i’d rather prowl at night.

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