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Is there a way to fry canned mushrooms, or are they just good for stews and whatnot?

Asked by ragingloli (46554points) July 31st, 2019

As asked.

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Of course you can fry or saute them as readily as fresh mushrooms. I don’t understand your question. Are you asking if the results are comparable to those you expect from fresh mushrooms?

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We only use them for veggie soups and things. Fresh gives so much more flavor. Never even considered frying them tbh.

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No point. They are flaccid and will remain flaccid no matter how much heat you apply.

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@janbb Nice use of ‘flaccid’, don’t hear that much!

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@janbb Unless you burn them.

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I can’t come up with any food related purpose for canned mushrooms. Maybe for Science or Art?

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They’re fine in baked dishes sauces.

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I love mushrooms, even the canned ones. Although I usually use fresh mushrooms on pizza, the canned ones have a different flavor and texture. I like both on pizza.

I’m guessing that you would probably have to dry them first, as much as possible on a paper towel, but then you could dredge them in egg, and then flour, just like you would with fried chicken.

Otherwise, you could just heat them through, in a frying pan, with a tiny bit of oil, especially if you were using them for an omelet or something like that.

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They are too water-logged to fry properly. They will just steam in their own juices, even if you drain and dry them.

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