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Is it accepted patriotic behavior to assault (beat up) a kid because he kept his hat on during the National Anthem?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28001points) August 6th, 2019

Apparently the white male patriots in Montana think so.


How is this reflective of American values?

Are we going to see vigilante so-called patriots beating people up now?

I suppose one positive thing is that Mr, Brockway (the assailant) wasn’t carrying an assault weapon.

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Regrettably, I could not read the story because all I was able to do was be directed to subscribe,

I have not noticed a national trend of white nationalist people beating up 13 year olds over the national anthem, so, without further discussion, the answer is no.

I have seen quite a bit of people with MAGA hats assaulted on college campuses and the National Mall. Maybe such acts of violence should be considered hate crimes.

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I really can’t get around being forced to subscribe,

Could you highlight, cut and paste?

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Beat up the kid, no. Beat up his parents, yes.
Probably just another anarchist in the making. And there seems to be a lot of those these days.

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I bet the kid wasn’t wearing a MAGA hat.

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“A Montana man allegedly slammed a boy’s head to the ground at a county fair because the 13-year-old kept his hat on during the national anthem, a witness told local news outlets.

In a news release, Mineral County Sheriff Mike Boone said witnesses identified the suspect as 39-year-old Curt James Brockway. Brockway was apprehended at the fairgrounds, located in the western Montana town of Superior, and charged with assault on a minor — a felony crime.

The sheriff’s office declined to provide additional information on the alleged assault, including motive. But Taylor Hennick, who attended the event, told local news outlets that she overheard the attack near the Mineral County Fair and Rodeo’s entrance, just as the national anthem began to play.

The woman said she heard a “pop,” and turned to see the boy writhing on the ground.

“He was bleeding out of his ears, seizing on the ground, just not coherent,” Hennick told the Missoulian. As startled spectators closed in on Brockway, Hennick said he offered a simple defense for his actions.

“He said [the boy] was disrespecting the national anthem, so he had every right to do that,” she added.

Police say the child was rushed to a hospital Saturday, then flown to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane, Wash. KPAX, a CBS-affiliated news station, reports the boy suffered temporal skull fractures in the incident. His mother told the station her son’s ears bled for six hours after the alleged assault.

By Tuesday, the boy was released from the hospital and recovering at home, she said.

“It’s just a lot of pain in my head. I don’t remember anything — the rodeo — the helicopter — nothing,” the 13-year-old said in an interview with the station.

Controversy surrounding the national anthem dates back to 2016, when then-National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick called attention to police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling as the song was performed before games. The silent protests were largely condemned by many on the right, including President Trump — who in September 2017 encouraged team owners to fire NFL players who knelt.

It was not clear if Brockway had an attorney, though he was scheduled to be released on his own recognizance Tuesday. The Missoulian reports he was charged with assault with a weapon in 2010, resulting in a 10-year probation sentence.

Brockway’s arraignment is set for Aug. 14.”

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Thanks for posting, and sorry if I overreacted to the way you phrased the question.

You seem to be making a dichotomy that there is a national “subculture” of “white male patriots” afflicting gun violence, terror, and abuse. I guarantee you could not get away with that kind of typecasting of any other race or culture.

In this case, you have a random ‘crazy person’ (for lack of a better word) committing an act of assault on a minor, which is certainly an unfair fight, and a felony. An assault on a minor by a crazy person does not constitute a national trend.

I know adults of other races who have beaten whelps on their 15 year old daughter for merely talking to “a boy” or being “with” him . Really nothing out of the ordinary happened. I called the Department of Children’s services, but no arrest was made, no police even sent.

Assault is a crime against minors on all levels and a pretty serious and damaging one. But it does not reflect the values or lack thereof of any ethnic group or national culture.

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Yes it’s patriotic behavior for animals like that guy who beat up that kid. Animal.

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Never is it acceptable to beat up a minor.
I feel sorry for that minor for having to go back home after that beating in public,as it makes one wonder what happens at home, unseen?
The minor should had been taken out of that home and the parents investigated.
Something is wrong with some parents attitudes and behaviors that are wrongly accepted in society .
It just reinforces violent behavior and some children grow up just like that man, mean, cruel, and unjust.

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^How is this the minor’s parents fault?

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@Yellowdog _“sorry if I overreacted to the way you phrased the question.

You seem to be making a dichotomy that there is a national “subculture” of “white male patriots” afflicting gun violence, terror, and abuse.“_

I didn’t phrase any question. I just posted the article in response to your request.

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Did you even read the article? Like any of it? At all?

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Thanks for posting the article.

But your question is part of a trend that this is behaviour of “white male patriots.” with references to those who tote guns.

This would have been an excellent post—does this reflect American values such as those in the Anthem and those who love their country. But then, that reference to “white male patriots” as a societal group.

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I’m not going to take seriously any definition of “patriotic behavior” given how biased those who seek to define it generally are. Obviously beating up children is not patriotic, this guy is a nutjob and should be in jail, but I wonder if there will be a new defense: “patriotic psychosis”, where someone is so empowered by patriotic fervor that they are driven to violent acts, such as body-slamming 13-year-olds.

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@Yellowdog He totes guns

”...In that 2010 incident, Brockway pulled up to a parked vehicle, got out and pulled a gun on a family and stated he was going to kill them.”

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No, not a kid. I could easily see it happening to an adult in my area though.

It’s one of those situations where if I have to explain it, you’d never understand it.

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It’s not acceptable behavior in any situation, to a child or an adult. Why can’t everyone just keep their fucking hands to themselves? People who automatically react with violence have a lack of intellect and no impulse control.

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@Caravanfan I never said he didn’t tote guns.

This question is poised to say white people in Montana think this is acceptable behavior.

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@Yellowdog _“Thanks for posting the article.

But your question is part of a trend that this is behaviour of “white male patriots.” with references to those who tote guns.

This would have been an excellent post—does this reflect American values such as those in the Anthem and those who love their country. But then, that reference to “white male patriots” as a societal group.“_

I. Did. Not. Ask. Any. Question. I. Only. Posted. An. Article.

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And then there’s this link from the assailant who claims he was following Trump’s orders after the Kaepernick fiasco.

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This is a pretty good story, about Trump’s hateful rhetoric causing an onslaught of violence, people saying that they were obeying Trump’s orders.

Except that Trump never said this. So that kind of flies in the face of Rachel Madcow.

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@Yellowdog whether Trump said it or not, the assailant believes he heard it from Trump and was following Trump’s lead.

So the assailant is the one you should be talking to, not us.

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What if he thought Trump was a white nationalist and needed to be assassinated?

Couldn’t you blame twenty Democrat hopefuls for this? I mean, in that case, they really ARE saying it,

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@Yellowdog Dem: “Well that’s different, Trump would deserve it.”

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@Yellowdog But they’re not saying it.

That’s a fake hypothetical.

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@elbandit You sure about that? Not what I hear. Ya’ll hate his guts.

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I am hearing it just about every time I turn on the news, that trump is a white nationalist or white supremacist,

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Forget about what “they” are saying about him and answer me this. How are you good Southerners immune to the fact that he is inherently dishonest? I mean you actually look at the man while you pose questions here on interpretations of the Bible and ignore the solid fact that he is a man without honor.

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@stanley You dont understand our sense of honor.

On this site, my religion has been mocked repeatedly, my God is called Big Sky Daddy, people argue for killing milkions of babies because they dont understand how sex works, many deny facts with evidence.

Thats just a sample of the disconnect.

I will show respect to Trump as Pres like I did Obama. Whether I always agree or not. God, Country, Family.

Since many people here have little of the same beliefs, or the same honor or moral code, it seems counterproductive to explain further. We’ve tried before and people here got all bent out of shape over ‘white culture’. You cant even start to understand our thought process and seems to me, many dont even want to try. @JLeslie is one of the only people here who seems able to process that different isnt always bad or wrong.

And to clarify, I am not a Trumper. I did my research on him before he was elected because I knew he’d win. No rallys, no tshirts, he’s not my hero. But blinders off does not mean he’s all wrong. Thats been proved over and over.

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Sorry, but I don’t really buy in to that whole “respect the office, if not the man” mode of thinking. Not while the office is being held by a man who does not respect it himself.

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^Well said.

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Yeah. If he really respected the office, he would have conceded it to HILLARY!

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@Yellowdog conceding to Hillary would have been respecting the will of the popular vote. Not the office.

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Hillary did not “win the popular vote.”

There was over 100 million dollars in negative press and cable news saying that Trump was a secret Russian agent and that scared off a lot of people.

If the news had presented the facts, rather than going along with what was already known to be a hoax to influence an election, the results would have been very different.

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@KNOWITALL Indeed I don’t understand your sense of honor if it is your contention that Trump falls within its parameters. We’re not talking here of an occasional lapse in manners or judgement.

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Oh, please, @Yellowdog – don’t lie about facts

Nominee Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York New York
Running mate Mike Pence Tim Kaine
Electoral vote 304[a] 227[a]
States carried 30 + ME-02 20 + DC
Popular vote 62,984,828 65,853,514
Percentage 46.1% 48.2%

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Did you read what I posted?

There is no free and fair election when there is over $100 million in propaganda through the media posing as fact, and the nation’s own intelligence agencies working closely with one candidate to sway an election.

That is not a popular vote. That is a highly-manipulated election.

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@Yellowdog Plus elections aren’t won by popular votes, that’s not how our system works here.
So why do they keep harping about that nonsense? I guarantee you if Trump won the popular vote, they’d backtrack quick…hahaha!

@stanleybmanly Okay. Trump hasn’t upset me more than Bill Clinton did, but I am more objective than most people.

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Yes of course!

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“I’ll take ‘Shit That Everyone Thinks About Themselves’ for $500, Alex.”

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That Trump didn’t win the popular vote is the only saving grace of that election.

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