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Can anger trigger tingling in your fingertips?

Asked by raum (7281points) August 11th, 2019 from iPhone

Is it related to anxiety, adrenaline or rising blood?

Does anyone else experience this? Wondering if this is a normal response.

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Yes. I have anxiety issues, AND, have had to fight a LOT. Before, or after, a fight, my limbs STILL shake sometimes. Anger, is part of it. I assumed that the shaking, would eventually stop, as these things were more commonplace. Doesn’t seem to matter. I think, we just naturally get upset, about things we don’t like doing. I wager, a mass killer, doesn’t have shaking hands. Because it’s not something that they are opposed to. Just my opinion.

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I’ve had shaking hands from adrenaline. But don’t recall experiencing tingling fingers from anger before this particular instance.

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All three might apply. I got upset with a friend of mine last week and felt my blood pressure go through the roof!

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I guess it would be difficult to separate the three. How else do you realize that your blood pressure is rising?

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I’ve had tingling hands/fingers and feet (and limbs) while in stressful periods.
My doctor told me it could be an excess of a certain gas, because of ‘wrong breathing’, manifestating in the outer extremities of the body.

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That makes sense. Particularly for me since I often forget to breathe when I’m stressed out. Then take big gulps of air when I remember.

Interesting. Wouldn’t have thought “excess of certain gases”.

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Nope. If I’m truly pissed, I dont register any physical sensation, adrenaline.

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The symptoms for adrenaline that I found online are:

- rapid heart rate
– sweating
– heightened senses
– rapid breathing
– decreased ability to feel pain
– increased strength and performance
– dilated pupils
– feeling jittery or nervous

I didn’t feel any of these when I was angry either.

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Well. I still believe that it’s natural, to have physical issues, when you have gone beyond your stress tolerance.

Some of my guys (subordinates) are NAVY Seals, etc. But they still get the shakes, when things go sideways. I’ve talked to them about it. They agreed that it’s embarrassing, and don’t understand why it’s not something that they have gotten “used to.”

Like I opined, I think we just can’t get “used to,” being in such stressful situations. It’s not in our nature.

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People assume the shaking is about being nervous. But it’s just a normal response to the adrenaline rush.

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Adrenaline, gives me power. I can literally feal it. I’m already strong, and capable. But adrenaline, makes me a super human. I’ve literally fought 5 people with it before. They were bouncers, like I was, but I fucked them up, and saved, at least two badly injured guys. I was shaking uncontrollably, after. But . That adrenaline, it made me crazy deadly. I can feel it. Rushing through my veins. It’s almost addictive. I fought 5 well trained bouncers, in our men’s room. Because they almost killed 4 guys. I felt no damage, and I was like, a machine. I had to change clothes, because I was covered in blood. That’s when I noticed the shaking. But that adrenaline, saved my ass, and maybe kept two people from dying. It was the first time I ever fought so many people, in such a close space. There was blood everywhere. But none of it was my own. I admit that it took some of my brain function away, but it helped me win a fight, I had no reason to win. Those 5 guys abandoned the fight, and left (they were eventually arrested.)

But my adrenaline, saved us all. I was embarrassed about shaking so much after. But it apparently served it’s purpose. When I entered the men’s room, there were like 11 people who were in a heated fight. I stopped it, because of adrenaline.

When it courses through me. I can feel it’s heat. And it’s power. I got really tired after it was over. But that shit, is no joke. There’s really no way, I should have walked away from that situation. I took multiple hits, by other trained bouncers. But I felt unstoppable. And I was. I’d love to say, that I’m just that badass, but the truth is that, my body gave me the adrenaline required to get the job done. The after effects, were obvious. I was shaking everywhere, and I was mentally incomplete. A female bar tender, helped me come back. But I was lost. I was an animal. She helped me change my clothes, and calm down. That was one incident, I’ll never forget.

It wasn’t the first time, or the last, that I fought so many people. But it was insane. I credit my adrenaline, for getting me through it. But yes. I was shaken afterwards.

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In those particular situations, I’m not sure if I would credit adrenaline. Since I’m guessing everyone involved had adrenaline coursing through them.

Adrenaline does make you faster and stronger. But if everyone has that going for them, I would guess that it’s more your background and size that saved your butt—and I’m glad it did.

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I’m not proud, of any of of it. Yes. My size, and power, played a roll. I’m also an expert, at hurting people. That gives me no pride either. But I think adrenaline carried me through the situation. I’m not a coward, but my body gave me the power, to get through the situation. The whole thing lasted like, 45 seconds. I was visibly shaken, by the event. But I simply tucked it away. I have to say, I was just doing my job. I have no interest in fighting. I’m just good at it. I know now, that’s a curse….

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You can definitely do crazy things on adrenaline. I once scaled a six foot fence in one fell swoop.

I’m not athletic by any means. And have been known to trip over my own feet while standing in place.

If you had said that you’d give me an obscene amount of money to do this again, I wouldn’t have been able to.

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