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How do they know that hearing is the last thing to go?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40373points) 1 month ago

They say that when a person is dying hearing is the last thing to go. How do they know this if the person dies? To me it’s like saying fish can’t feel pain. How do they know?

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I have never heard that.
Maybe I am dead.

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Different sensory input fires different parts of your brain. I’d imagine they’ve done studies with EEGs or MRIs.

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In terms of consciousness, it is the first to return.

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That makes sense. Very logical. Thank you.

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All good answers. Nothing to add.

But I known two people in a coma, both about 15–21 years ago, who said they heard or remember what was said while they were not conscious. One in Florence, Al and one in Memphis. TN

Also, in 2005, someone who was dying, I spoke to them and held her hand because I had to convey information I thought she would want to know, from someone else. She later recovered, and remembered hearing what I had said, but didn’t know, care, or remembered if she had responded to me. She only knew who I was and what I had told her.

Don’t know if it has anything to do with physical hearing, but the last thing you know is what someone tells you. The first thing you know, ol Jed’s a millionaire.

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It’s the way I have always heard it.

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