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How can you resit the urge to make fun with typos in questions?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) August 27th, 2008

I see flutherites exert so much self-control at times, when there are just so many places you can go. They resist. They refuse.

But at times when it is hard to make a joke, you make a funny.

How do you do it?

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Oh I test thee mightily! :-)

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The only way I can stop myself is physical restraint: I stand up, then re-sit on my hands.

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Resit-stance is futile!

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If I know that English isn’t the person’s first language, I’m not even tempted. I know first-hand how vulnerable one feels in such a situation, so taking advantage of it seems especially cruel.

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I just try to identify with any language-confusion they might have (currently, the frequency at which I use my 3 languages is exactly opposite to the order I learned them in).

I find it hard to resist though if the typo alters the meaning…...that’s often just too funny to ignore!

Besides, most typos/unfortunate choice of words I come across here, I’ve already come across at work – the joys of working with 100’s of non-native English speakers: you get some giggles out of it!!

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I usually just make fun of the typo.
Unless English is not the offender’s first language, as Harp said.

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I second Harp and Lefteh.

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Harp said it best.

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I usually sit the urge down once, wait a minute, then sit it again.

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What Harp said, and then sitting on your hands.

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Easy. I don’t care. Is it’s funny, I might chime in, but only because it makes me laugh.

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Without typos PupnTaco would have nothing to do this Halloween

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Nothing sadder than an undecorated hose with no place to re-sit.

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If I had another pair of feet, they’d be competing with the other pair for permanent residence…... my mouth!

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Not every person has English as a primary language. How many can you speak? I only speak three. English was my second language. I might also add the iPhone can be a nightmare to type on for the older crowed. If someone makes a good effort it’s okay with me. I am no grammer or spelling Natzi. I write like I speak. Language is fluid and geographical. Who makes the rules? Webster or the masses.

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makes fun with typos? mwahahahahaha. who uses with? oh man.

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ahaha i love puns. Thank you for that daloon

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i skim answers so fast i never notice typos

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@andrew: “of typos” seemed too mean to typos, so I said “with” to indicate I meant it all in fun. See? I may be man, but there’s method to my man-ness!

in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, most things I do, are done on porpoise! (gotta lurve them fined twitters)

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@ lst I hvnt notice txt abrevtins on hre tht mch. ;)

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I used to develop my own abbreviation systems back when I was an administrative assistant (secretary?) for someone. In those days, Wordperfect was the word processing program.

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