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Any Flickr geniuses want to help me?

Asked by Emilyy (2133points) August 27th, 2008

Okay, I am becoming more and more frustrated with stupid Flickr/Yahoo and just wanted to see if anyone can help.

My Flickr account that I use most often (which has most of my pictures) is SpunkyLilPanda. Don’t laugh. So, I forgot my password and was having a tough time signing in because yahoo asks you for your date of birth to verify that it’s really you and no matter how many times I did it, it never recognized me even though I was putting in the right birthday.

Finally I abandoned that and just signed in with my correct Gmail address and managed to guess the right password. BUT, then it took me to this other page (which I wish I had paid more attention to now) which told me that I had to change my email address associated with that account for some reason. So I go into SpunkyLilPanda preferences and I create a new yahoo account ( to associate with that account. Then, it says that my username shouldn’t be the same as my email, so I change it to SpunkyLilPanda1. Then, it takes me to Spunkylilpanda1 and it’s a completely NEW Flickr account! I can search for my old profile and all my photos are there, but there’s no way to actually access that account. When I try to sign in with SpunkyLilPanda as my sign-in name, it takes me to SpunkyLilPanda1 as the default.

Am I totally screwed?

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I got help when mine messed up. email

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oh, you mean support@flickr?

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Silly me. I guess I should have read your question closer. I’m old and my reading glasses are getting stronger. sorry. But you might try that, It can’t hurt.

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Doesn’t Flickr have a support forum for questiosn like this? :)

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Yes, it does. I just wanted to see if anyone had had a similar problem or suggestion. Just trying to exhaust all options.

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