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Why do some people's Facebook pages not have a friend request button?

Asked by Yellowdog (8212points) 3 weeks ago

I’ve twice encountered this, and one person had no idea why her page had no friend request button.

I am not very good with social media. In fact, when I had an active email account, I used to just send a message and ask the recipient to send me an email. because I’ve had so much difficulty with other media.

Is this something they designated in privacy settings or something? You’d think a person could just ignore or delete unwanted requests. You never know who might want to contact or reconnect, and that’s why I don’t ‘get’ this option, if it is indeed an option.

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Some people, like my cop buddies, just use “message” so they know who you are, for sure.

You should add me!

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Is that an option in Privacy Settings or something?

(I’m not requesting that anyone write me a tutorial. Just want to know if its an option we have under something).

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@Yellowdog Yep, Privacy Settings. How People Find and Contact You.

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It makes it so people who may be up to no good can’t friend you.

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