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Can you fake accept a Facebook friend request?

Asked by ckinyc (1158points) November 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

I mean accept the request but block that person out without them knowing? How can I hide that person from my other friends? It already seemed easier simply by not accepting the request.

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You can. But why would you want to? They’ll know when they go and try to access you and are unable to do so that there’s something up, even if they haven’t figured out that they’re blocked.

Just decline the request.

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I think I’ll just ignor it.

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Why would you want to create so much extra work for yourself? Just don’t accept it and pretend you never received it. :)

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You can accept the friend request and then immediately de-friend them. They’ll get the notification that you accepted their friend request, but there’s no notification for de-friending.

But really, man up and come clean with the person “Hey, I don’t like you, sorry.”

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Uh, yeah. Just hit the ignore button in the first place.

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@MrItty Are you sure there is no notification for “de-friending” on Facebook?

I have some children who are my FB friends and one of my adult friends sometimes makes posts with content that is not appropriate for younger eyes. Seems I can’t block individual posts so I thought of blocking them but didn’t want them to know.

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Very sure. They might notice that you’re not on their friends list any longer (an ex-g/f of mine just noticed this last week, after I defriended her 6 months ago), but they don’t get any explicit notification.

Or you could just speak up and tell your adult friend “Hey, that’s not appropriate. Knock it off.”

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That’s right. There’s no notification about being deleted from a friends list.

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Alternatively, you can put them in a group by themselves and then turn up the privacy settings for that group, but like @sophie123 said… why would you want to create so much extra work for yourself?

Especially when it’d be much easier to just tell your friend that their facebook doesn’t jive with your facebook.

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@BraveWarrior You can block access to your wall for groups and individuals. Go into privacy settings and play around with it.

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@MrItty @jbfletcherfan @StephK @avvooooooo
Thanks very much for the replies & info.

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Thanks BravesWarrior for thanking the folks for me! ; )

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headdesk. For some reason I just assumed you two were the same person. But I guess it applies to both of you guys. :)

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