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Why would a guy ask you to call then don't answer?

Asked by honeybun35 (240points) 3 weeks ago

My male friend asked me to call as if he had free time. As soon as I called he didn’t answer.

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Time to move on.

You bother him, he’s just too much of a coward to drop you since he knows you’ll have sex with him whenever he wants.

After he orgasms, he really doesn’t want to spend any time with you or communicate with you.

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Honeybun are you in love?

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You asked a question, I gave you an explanation. He wanted you to miss work on his day off so he could have more sex.

Time to DTMFA.

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Didn’t you mention this issue about twenty four hours ago?

Who knows what’s in his mind. Maybe he doesn’t like you, maybe he’s just using you, maybe you’re too needy and looking for his attention. Maybe he has many girls that he is talking to or texting you and so you’re in a line with others. Maybe he just likes f*cking with your head.

Only he knows. We are just guessing. You should ask him and see what he says.

Let us know.

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He changed his mind about you.

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You should ask him, directly. You should also let him know that your feelings for him have changed (be specific) and see what he has to say about that. I’m quite serious. Unless you ask people why they are doing things, and asking people how they see the relationship progressing, and asking people if they feel the same way about you, you will never know for sure, and you will just keeping guessing, and you likely will guess wrong.

So ask him about everything, and be prepared for him to tell you that he doesn’t have the same feelings. And then be prepared to leave him, and create a new life for yourself.

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