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What is a two wheeled mode of transport made for person, and is not a bicycle etc.? See detail.

Asked by flo (12413points) 4 weeks ago

Edited to add: It’s not a wheelchair. So, it’s not a bicycle, a moped, a scooter (whatever the difference is, so many questions out there asking that), a motorcycle. What could it be that’s two wheeled but not any of the above? It could be there are more than 1 item, I’m not sure.

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A 2-wheeled skateboard.

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Yes-hoverboard loli.

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Pair of wheelie shoes.

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@ragingloli Segway, 2 wheeled skateboard, yes. @Brian1946 and @LostInParadise I don’t know about rickshaw since it can be more than one person getting transported.
@rebbel maybe.
But the reason I asked:
I’ve seen/heard something else being labeled (in traditional media, but I’m sure it’s in online as well) as “e-bicycle”, or a “scooter”, when it’s neither. And it’s not a moped, or a motorcyle, or a tricycle. So, what is it, that’s being mislabled? Edited for typo.

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