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If you have no health insurance what all can the health dept do for you?

Asked by Harper1234 (562points) 1 month ago

As an adult have you used the local health dept?

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It depends entirely on what your state and county and city pay for.

I work in the state department of health here in Hawaii. We have local mental health clinics and physical health clinics that serve a wide variety of individuals.

The individual counties offer their own health clinics, too. I used the county clinic when I lived on the Big Island. The services on Oahu are different. The staff at the clinic on the Big Island were caring but underpaid.

You can probably get a list of what services are offered by looking for your health department’s website, or you can just call them. In my experience, government workers are often very helpful in the health field.

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I don’t use public clinics but I work for the County.

Your county or city may have a clinic where you can pay cash for certain things.

They will also have testing for things like Lyme Disease or algae in lakes and rivers.

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Check with your state Health and Welfare Dept. You may qualify for Medicaid.

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Which health dept? Location is everything with this topic
and God help you if you’re stranded in conservative country.

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Department of Health and Welfare. Find it in your phone book under STATE GOVERNMENT listings.

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