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Have you ever been to Facebook jail?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40366points) 3 weeks ago

I’m in jail because I posted the album cover to Led Zep’s Houses of the Holy on a 70’s page in response to the question, “What was the first LP or 45 you bought with your own money?”. Geez. THEY AREN’T EVEN REALLY NAKED!!!

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I am noticing my friends are all abandoning Facebook. Many of my friends haven’t posted in over a year. To me, facebook is a hopeless mess and none of my updates seem to be accepted or acknowledged.

The only people interested in talking to me on Facebook are single for good reasons.

So, was this a copyright infringement issue or the content not meeting their standards?

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Obscenity! Everyone who really knows me just crack up when I tell them!
My page is just what I made it. It has a lot of funny stuff and science stuff and good people. I have several Jellies on my friend list.

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@Yellowdog…did they quit posting or did they quit following you so you don’t see their posts? I have a few people who I’m friends with but I don’t follow so they can’t see my stuff unless they go to my timeline.

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I have a friend I contacted who hasn’t posted since December 2017. Says she doesn’t use Facebook anymore. The rest were from my High School graduating class—I don’t think they singled ME out. Another says she really doesn’t have time for Facebook.

Can’t imagine why they’d penalize you for obscenity. Can’t they just take the pic down? Explain why they deleted it?

Most of the crapworthy friend requests I get and people I get as friend suggestions (because of where I live or maybe my high school) are teenagers doing very lewd, obscene acts. If I did anything to respond,, I’d probably be arrested for looking at minors.

Their sewage-bleached hair and greasy, smoke-filled bedrooms are more obscene than the acts performed.

Anyhow, I’m with you on this one. An album cover is an historic artifact, not quite the same thing as obscenity or pornography.

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Never been to jail on FB. I don’t have an account so they can;t touch me.

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Aw. It was a brainless bot just doing what he was programmed to do. I’m not upset.
Thank God I rarely get that kind of nasty shite on my page. Only once in a great, great while.

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I just read my own link in the details. I did not realize they were children. :o

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Is that like being blacklisted by the sisterhood??

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Yeah. Kinda like that @kritiper

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That image isn’t pornographic or indecent.

Children or not. no private areas are shown, and as you said, they are not even actually naked.

I’m not trying to be “supportive” I’m just saying that that image does not violate any actual standards or appeal to “prurient interests’ at all.

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Yeh I am guessing it is the naked little girls, even tho it’s just their back ends.

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FB jail? Like a suspension, or you were completely booted?

Dutch. How would you respond to seeing the image, if you saw it posted by a stranger? Hypothetically, of course… Or if you saw it posted by a man?

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I have never been but I saw an article in the NY Times on Thursday about how when FB users get their accounts suspended for supposed violations like FB suspecting they’re using a false name, for example, there’s no actual person to appeal to. One person actually went to FB HQ and the receptionist told him that there’s nobody there that can help him. The receptionists suggested that he just open a second account, which violates FB standards, which is what makes it so extra funny.

What’s scary for me is that I use FB for storing many photos and I shouldn’t, because of this willy nilly bullshit where someone can get suspended or kicked off and then not have access to those photos.

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I keep all my photos stored on an external hard drive that I keep in a fireproof safe. Yes, something could happen to cause me to lose them but it won’t be because some outside jackass decided that they’re no longer mine!

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@MrGrimm888 How would I react? I’d say, “That’s the Houses of the Holy album cover.” I had 0 clue that they were children (a boy and a girl) until I read my own link. Knowing the context in which I posted it is a little important, I think.
The first time I saw it, when I was a teenager, I just thought it was kinda creepy weird.

It was just a bot doing what he was programmed to do.

I don’t use Facebook, as any kind of storage device. I pay $80 year for Carbonite. It uploads literally everything from my computer and stores it in the clouds.

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The first time I saw it I also assumed they were some androgynous adults.

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Cheese and rice. I’m not even out of jail yet, but I should be. It’s been 24 hours. Now I get a message that says, “Nope. Not for another 4 hours because you screwed up on another thing, even if you didn’t mean to.” I have NO idea what I did.

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Well, I’m out of jail. Now I’m scared to post.

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Egad. I wish Facebook would clean up the porno-grunge people send ME rather than going after covers on historic record albums.

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Interesting that you get porno grunge @Yellowdog. I don’t. I get sciency stuff and funny stuff. And political stuff.

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I think its because my High School, which was an altogether different place and culture than what it was when I graduated back in 1982, is on my page, as well as the part of town, Raleigh, which was an unincorporated area back then but now a part of the Memphis ghetto.

I doubt I could even mention on Fluther some of the filth and perversion and gang symbols I get from mostly young people in Friend Requests and people I supposedly may know.

In any case, I really would like to delete the whole goddamn thing. I can’t even edit my profile, which is incomplete and needs completion, and things in my profile and biography have links to crap websites and companies and businesses that have nothing to do with anywhere I’ve worked.

I never liked Facebook; finding it a hopeless jumble of contents difficult to manage or navigate.

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I’m friends with a good chunk of my HS class of 76.

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I’m not even on FB… I don’t care much, for things like that. I understand that it helps keep people in touch, who otherwise wouldn’t be. But like many things online, it’s a double edged sword, and can lead to lots of drama, that otherwise wouldn’t occur…

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No, but I know people who have. I know one person was suspended for a day or two because they posted too many statuses in a row. I know someone else for obscenity I think. Not exactly sure why. He’s been in Facebook jail a few times.

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You know me for obscenity @JLeslie. Everyone who really knows me just cracks up.

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