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What doesn't look like a moped and/or scooter but is referred to as one?

Asked by flo (13313points) February 24th, 2020

Other than an electric bicycle, what else is commonly referred to as “moped” or “scooter” eventhough it doesn’t look like one?

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“a child’s foot-operated vehicle”

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Ok. What is it otherwise called? By the way whether it’s for children or adults?

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…By the way, I mean nothing obscure.

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Too late I can’t edit !


Okay to be obscure (not a moped) but not obscure . . . ? ? ?

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A motorized wheelchair is often called a scooter.

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In the UK there was a car called the Reliant Robin which was a small three-wheeled thing. For licensing purposes it was considered a motorcycle and for a long time it was possible to drive it with the same permit as a scooter (although quite frankly it was probably more dangerous – )

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A mini-bike.

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Maybe a car is called a scooter by some.

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A two wheeled Cushman.

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