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How to Stop the following Electronic Harassment problem?

Asked by NeedHelp_mab (7points) 1 week ago

“There are both electromagnetic induction(EMI/RF) interferences and ultrasound/infrasonic interferences coming through the closed windows of my house; interferences which attack my HDMI television set, HDMI computer monitor. These attacks emit low volume audible sounds (voices that say: ’cuckoo’, ’that’, ’gay’, ’rape’, ’ho’, ’marijuana’; etcetera, and; noises: handcuff locking ’click’) near or around the TV and monitor when powered on. Sometimes these attacks occur when the TV and monitor are powered off. Lastly to mention, I do not have tinnitus and do not have hallucinations.”

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You might do well shielding parts of your home with a faraday cage.

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Move out NOW. Impose on a friend or relative to sleep on their couch, and report your suspicions to credible authorities. What have your neighbors to say about your experiences?

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EMI info
RFI Info
Go to Amazon and do a search for RFI Filter
Hope this helps to get you looking in the right direction. I think I’d start with the wall socket filter that only costs about $11 to see if it helped. If it works on one then I’d buy a 2nd one.
If your TV is on cable, call your cable provider to complain. They might help you track it back or at least give you a couple of filters. I doubt that they’d do anything about the monitor but they should be willing to help fix the TV.

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Does anyone else have this issue in your home?

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