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Did gas prices go up 15 cents overnight because it's Labor Day, or because Dorian might possibly hit the Gulf of Mexico?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26289points) 2 weeks ago

Either way, it was a surprise this morning.

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I agree with ^^^^^.
Any excuse is fine way to boost profits.
Who cares who suffers as long as the share holders make money.

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I wonder what the increase in FL is? The state is fairly vigilant about gouging, but I’d say they could easily raise the price 40–50¢ and it would still be acceptable.

Edit: I checked gas buddy and still fairly low. $2.20—$2.60 is what I saw.

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Just checked, we’ve gone down 4 cents. Guess it depends on where you live!!! I’ve noticed that over the last year or two that we go down around the holiday & then it jumps up 10–15 cents for 2 maybe 3 weeks after the holiday. That has stopped people from complaining that they automatically up the prices for the holiday. Most of the town is traveling while the prices are down & they don’t even notice that they’re being jacked up after the holiday.

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Suburban north Atlanta – was 2.24 yesterday and 2.39 this noon

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Northern Georgia near SC border. $2.11 Thurs & $2.07 Fri. Not been out this morning to know what it is today.

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