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Where do submarines go during a hurricane?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26285points) 2 weeks ago

Way down in southeast Georgia, we have a huge submarine base at Kings Bay. They’re right on the coast (duh) where Hurrican Dorian is supposed to pass by. Just a little north of Jacksonville.

What do they do with subs during a hurricane? Do they remain tied up at the dock? Do they simply dive and wait it out? Do they haul ass out into the ocean?

Or are they protected enough from the ocean by the barrier reefs so they don’t need to worry?

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They go out to sea, and they will submerge to avoid winds and swells.

A lot, but not all, Navy ships have headed to sea to ride out the storm. Being in port is dangerous, because the storm can ground the ship and then it is at the mercy of the wind and surf.

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A submerged submarine tends to be more or less immune to hurricane effects.

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Like diving under the waves when swimming in the ocean.

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My first underway on a sub had state 6 seas..10 foot waves, rain, wind. On the surface, the sub was like an overgrown bobber. Trying to walk inside the sub was difficult because one step might be on the deck and the next might be on the electrical panel which was now under you. When we dove and got a couple hundred feet down, it was smooth as silk. Subs don’t care about the hurricanes.

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That’s what I figured. I was waiting for a response from the wulf… Very informative…

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