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Anyone else having a hard time knowing the Bahamian people are being tortured by Hurricane Dorian?

Asked by JLeslie (57629points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

I’ve posted about it multiple times on Facebook.

Over 24 hours in the eye wall for some of the people there. It’s torture. I’ve been in cat 3 eye walls and eyes. It sounds like things are coming apart even when your house is staying together. Things banging around outside, the air rushing through the roof.

People always describe the Cat 4 and 5 as sounding like freight trains at the worst.

I saw a clip on TV of a woman talking who was on the other side of the eye, and she had video of her flooded house. Ocean water up to her second floor, ocean all around her house. The ocean was covering the tall palm trees except for the very tops.

She said if the house starts to come apart they will put on life vests and tie themselves together. It was her, her husband, two children, and a friend. Terrifying. High tide I think was about 5 hours away. They didn’t say that, but I heard it an hour later on some other report, but also the storm is a cat 4 now rather than a 5. She said some neighbors stayed on the island also.

The news is talking a lot about Florida, but I’m more interested in how the Bahamas is doing.

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I feel bad for them, and as always, I feel bad for the animals too. Animals in shelters are especially vulnerable because they can’t escape anywhere.

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@jca2 Number one, I love you for saying that. Number two, I hate you for saying that. Now I have horrible images in my head. Yes I know I will be called out for talking about the animals first. But the animals in shelters are beyond helpless and will simply drown in their cages. I am sure there are people in a similar situation, minus the cages. And yes, I feel for them too.

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I’m not having a hard time. No. There are tragedies going on this very moment all over the world. I’d live a depressing life if I spent my free time thinking about it all.

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Hopefully, the shelter animals were moved to the southern islands. The government was trying to encourage residents to at minimum evacuate to the southern island, hopefully the cats and dogs also. Here on the mainland they do move a lot of animals north and they encourage anyone thinking of adopting an animal to do it now.

It’s not just pet animals, the wild animals also.

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The devastation is horrible, and as with any similar situation my heart goes out to them.

But please don’t call it torture.

Torture is an action taken by humans to inflict extreme pain and agony on other people and animals. Dorian is a storm, and not making a conscious decision to harm Bahamians.

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@zenvelo Sorry if that upset you. Just an expression used when people endure painful or very stressful times. I’ll take your advice to heart. They definitely suffered. Mostly, it is high anxiety and some of them went through grave fear for their lives, but some people were physically hurt or killed.

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By now, a lifetime of bad news disasters has jaded me to damned near anything. A hard time?

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I use the term “torture” loosely also.

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@JLeslie That is just beautiful, what a loving heart.

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I definitely feel for them. The island will likely not be the same, for decades. Parts of it will simply be gone.
It’s an island too, so any rebuilding supplies, will have to be shipped in, making recovery take even longer. Sucks to be them…

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Have you seen the footage of The Bahamas on Anderson Cooper? It’s as bad as I imagined. Houses decimated, people walked through the hurricane after their house came apart to find shelter. A man saw his wife die in front of him. One man finally was able to go to try to help his neighbor who had been yelling for help and he found her dead. They were using jet skis to save people. Many people are missing.

40 hours of the eye over the islands. It’s so upsetting.

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Yeah….. I’ve been watching footage on YouTube. It’s pretty much what I expected… I know, at least one kid drowned too…

It’ll be a couple days, before we see more. Some smaller islands, haven’t been heard from yet…

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