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Are there any saddles for large dogs, so that small children can ride on them?

Asked by ragingloli (45307points) 1 week ago

And would you ever buy one?

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They have them for sheep at rodeo’s, so yes. No I would not buy one.

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I’m sure that there’s one out there somewhere; however, I don’t know that one is needed. My Doberman used to let my step daughter ride him bareback without any problem. She was only 2 at the time. I put a stop to it after she got older & heavier. I don’t think that it’s good for a dog’s back!!!

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I think @LadyMarissa ‘s judgement is good. Sounds like the Doberman was big enough and the child light enough.

But dogs aren’t beasts of burden. Horses have been bred to do this for thousands of years. Dogs have been our hunting partners, but not bred for this purpose.

A Doberman or Great Dane saddled might be cute, if used by people with good judgement. But most people would injure their dogs’ backs with these, Suppose ten year old boys decided they would try to do what the 30 month old child did.

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It’s something to consider though. Minus the big ungulates, it would only make sense that mankind would breed dogs to serve as pack animals.

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They pulled travois for the Indians.

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A team of dogs can pull wagons and sleds. But the back of a dog, like that of a cow, well, they’re just not bred or evolved for that.

Very small children (under age 3, or thereabout), and monkeys, perhaps. But lets not encourage anyone larger to saddle up and ride the dog.

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