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What was the last album that you enjoyed in its entirety?

Asked by raum (5112points) 1 week ago from iPhone

The question about music that reminded you of high school got me thinking about how people usually don’t listen to albums in their entirety anymore.

I think it’s kind of a lost craft. The introduction, the middle and the end. It used to be an experience. How I imagine the band or artist wanted their audience to experience their music.

Do you still listen through the whole album when you listen to music? What was the last album where you did this?

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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

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“Graceland” by Paul Simon. Don’t know if it’s the last but it’s one of the best.

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“Crossroads of My Life” by Kal David. A friend was playing several of his songs and when I looked them up so I could buy them, I discovered that they were all on the same album. I purchased the album and had the pleasure of listening to it all. He’s getting kind of long in the tooth but I enjoyed most of the album.

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I listen to a lot of old music from way before I was even born, and in those cases I like listening through whole albums. A lot of 70’s stuff like Genesis or King Crimson. The last one would be “The lamb Lies Down on Broadway” by Genesis.

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I just listened to the entire Bob Seger’s Greatest hits album, or actually cd. I pretty much always bought greatest hits albums of all of my favorite singers and bands.

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Lady Gaga
The Fame Monster

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Broken link. :(

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“The Incident” by Porcupine Tree

Blind House from the album

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Oh absolutely! I was just posting the most recent one. The are many PT albums that would fit this question.

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I like this too.

and this

Especially this A masterpiece recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder.

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Norah Jones- Broken Little Hearts

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I bought Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation “album” (but it was a cassette) just to have the song “Ragdoll.”
I don’t remember the rest of the songs.

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@Dutchess_lll If you don’t remember the rest of the songs, how did you “enjoy it in it’s entirety” ?

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Tool’s ‘Fear Inoculum’

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I didn’t @anniereborn. Did I say I did?

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The question as asked is ”What was the last album that you enjoyed in its entirety?” So, yes, you did indicate

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“Traveller” by Chris Stapleton. I love Tennessee Whiskey & the rest is not bad either!! !In my younger days, I listened to a lot of Country . After I married my husband, I switched over to Blues because it was his passion. Chris has a bluesy country ability that I’m enjoying & one that I think my husband would have enjoyed as well!!!

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I almost never listen to single tracks. Pretty much all my music listening is done by the album. I think the last album I listened to was De Dooden Hebben Het Goed, by Wiegedood.

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I’m .a member of Prime Music so if I hear a song that I like, I often go to Prime to stream for free. I listen to the song that I liked and then scan the titles to see if anything else catches my eye. If I can find at least 2 songs on the same album that I like, I try to find time to listen to the album in its entirety. Tennessee Whiskey was my intro to Chris and I’ve really enjoyed most of the songs on it and that lead me to another of his albums. Thanks Lady

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