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Before the 1980’s do you remember always being given a straw in restaurants?

Asked by JLeslie (57656points) 1 week ago from iPhone

I don’t.

When I started drinking iced tea I began to understand why a straw is a good idea. My glass was full of ice, and I could barely get any drink unless I used a straw.

Plus, one time as I try to take a drink, I tipped the glass and at first the ice was stuck to the bottom of the glass, and then suddenly all of the ice came towards my face and the drink got all over me.

My drink of choice before that was Coke no ice, and I never wanted or needed a straw with it.

I’m interested if it’s different around the world. America is notorious for giving a lot of ice in drinks, while most other countries don’t. For me, the ice is the big factor for whether I want a straw or not.

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I drink iced tea all the time and I never use straws. I let my lip do the straining.

And yes, I remember getting straws even as far back as the 1960s when we went to a restaurant.

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Only in low end diners or counter top soda fountains which by the 80s were clearly slated to near term extinction.

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Yes, I remember getting a straw in the 1950’s.

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Hmmm… between this and my question, you could say we are taking a straw poll…
Straws were always given back then. The worst were paper straws for a milkshake.
I am getting to the point of carrying my own straw. I can wash it at home, so it’s environmentally cool.

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@filmfann I bought a set of stainless steel straws on ebay – 5 for $7.00. What I do is take them with me in the car and then when I get home, throw them in the dishwasher.

The problem is that I have misplaced four of them. The one I use now is the last straw!

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I believe so. The straws were not wrapper in paper, or at least not all of them were. Sometimes, if they were wrapped in paper, the waitress would tear off the bottom so the straw was submerged and the paper wrapping was on the part sticking out.

I guess a good way to figure out if straws were given out before a certain decade is to look at old photos.

I imagine if a lady has lipstick on, a straw would prevent it from getting messed up.

I can’t stand when a restaurant or fast food place fills the whole cup with ice. Not only is the amount of beverage just a small fraction of what the cup holds, but you really need a straw, then, because the ice would be all over your upper lip.

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Yupper. I always got one with my chocolate milkshake.

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Always with milkshakes, that I agree. The milkshake straw had a mini spoon shape on the end in some places. You need a straw or a spoon with a milkshake, because when you tip the glass it can all come at your face at once in a glob like when there is a lot of ice.

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Straws of much smaller diameters than is currently fashionable were routinely passed out for water snd soft drinks, and straws were routinely used, often in pairs to drink soda or even milk from a bottle.

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This what I would get my straw from in the 1950’s. Straw Dispenser

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Paper straws, I hate them. The end would collapse. Tear off the pinched part, and keep going. Pinched again, until straw is too short to reach beverage.

I think in the beginning it was considered dainty, because public drinking means putting your mouth where hundreds of other mouths have been. Unnecessary, but help to reduce the heebie-jeebies.
I usually order easy on the ice with most any beverage, but especially tea, because I like it sweet, and I need room to stir.

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